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Top Tips on the Largest Universities


There are numerous tips for the famous largest universities across the globe. These universities are responsible for giving high class and quality education to the students of different grades. These largest universities follow a proper schedule for educating their students. A proper syllabus and co curricular activities are arranged in these largest universities to make their students entirely different from the rest of the universities. First of all we talk about the tips regarding the area of the popular largest universities.

Step 1

Such universities should be established by covering a large area on land. In this way a hefty number of students can be allowed to take admission in these universities but on open merit base. Self finance system should also be merit based but for a limited number of students. There must be a check and balance of that self finance and the best usage of amount that is taken from the students as a self finance is to use it for helping the needy students in the form of scholarships.

Step 2

Second we shall discuss about the curriculum and type of the largest universities. Largest universities that are established in different countries can be of two major types. First type is those universities that are supported by government of the respective state. All the expenses of these largest universities are bore by the government. A follow up should be given to the head of the university to handle all kind of expenses.

Step 3

There must be a rule that chairman of the government university is allocated on merit and interview base. Curriculum of the universities should be revised every year to make the students capable of challenging the demands of the modern times. Autonomous largest universities revise their curriculum after every two years. This is the reason for which their students are more capable and hard working than others.


The largest universities is to hire well qualified faculty for their students. If teachers are not qualified and active, they cannot give good students to the nation. Future of the students is totally dependent on teachers and their attitude towards students. Teacher training programs should also be introduced in the largest universities. In this way you can train your teachers and make them learn the new teaching techniques and technology as well. A teacher’s behavior must be like a swing. Somewhere a teacher’s behavior should be lenient and somewhere harsh with the students.

A very strict administration is demanded by the largest universities for maintaining rules and regulations in the university region. An appropriate and well qualified person having good communication skills and experience in the field of administration should be allocated in the university. In this way one can check the obedience of rules in the university. These all tips that are discussed above are very much important and necessary to follow if a good list of standard universities or the students is required anywhere in the world.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 04/02/2012
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