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Science is a vast field; there are so many subcategories of science that generalizing the term isn’t easy. However, simply defined, any subject with deals with the practical application of something comes under the category of science. The degree that one gets for pursuing sciences is that of Bsc or bachelors in sciences. In almost every university in the world, Bsc degrees in the field of sciences are offered. Some universities are good in one field, some in few while some excel in all. This article features those best science universities that have an excellent Bsc degree in general and are ranked as the best amongst the world.


When we talk about science or science subjects we have four categories of science subjects: Engineering and technology, Natural sciences, Life sciences and social sciences. Under engineering and technology come civil engineering, mechanical, aeronautical and chemical engineering, computer sciences and manufacturing technology. Under natural science come chemistry, mathematics, physics, marine sciences, metallurgy, environmental sciences and astronomy. Life sciences include: medicinal sciences, biological sciences, biotechnology, microbiology, pathology and psychology. Social sciences consist of subjects such as: sociology, accounting, finance, economics and political sciences. These are all subject of sciences for which a Bsc degree is given. All the best science universities in the world offer a major degree in all these subjects while the faculty and education level may vary from subject to subject. However most of all the good universities have a good department of sciences in general.


Currently for life sciences and social sciences, the best university is the Harvard University. The social sciences department of this university is particularly good with economics being the best amongst all. The top five best science universities for life sciences are: Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Oxford University, John Hopkins University and University of California. The top five best science universities for social sciences are: Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley, London School of Economics, Yale University and Stanford University. Five best science universities for natural sciences are: University of California Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, Harvard University and Princeton University. And the best for engineering and technology are: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology and University of Cambridge. If we make a general consensus, the best science universities of the world in general are: Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley, Oxford University and Stanford University.

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All the top best science universities are from UK or US. However there are some amazing universities in the world which may not be amongst the top five but are considered as the best in the world. University of Toronto-Canada, Peking University China, Australian National University, The University of Sydney Australia, Kyoto University Japan, National University of Singapore, University of Auckland New Zealand, Mc Gill University Canada and Karolinska Institute Sweden. These are just few; there are others many amazing universities that offer excellent bachelors’ degrees in sciences. Most of all these universities are good in all the departments of sciences in general.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/29/2012
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