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If you live in Ghana or in any country in the world and are interested in enrolling for university education in Ghana, there are many universities that you can choose from in this country. Top universities in Ghana are University of Ghana Legion, Kwame Nkurumah university of Science and Technology, University of Cape Coast, University College of Education Winneba, University for Development Studies and Valley View University, just to mention but a few.


Ghana is located in North Africa and its education system has been developed to match the world education standards. Various Universities in Ghana offer top class undergraduate and post-graduate study programs. There are both state and private controlled universities in Ghana that offer tertiary education.


The information that is necessary about Ghana Universities include the names of the top universities in Ghana, programs offered, location and contact details, the enrollment system as well as the requirements for one to be accepted at these universities. Ghana universities are located in Ghana different cities such as The University of Ghana located in Accra, Kwame Nkrumah University – located in Kumasi and University of Cape Coast – located in Cape Coast. The contact details which include telephone numbers and physical addresses of each university are found on their websites.

Ghana universities offer undergraduate and post-graduate study programs. Each university has faculties such as the faculty of commerce, faculty of Arts, faculty of education and Faculty of Social Sciences. The study programs that are offered by these various faculties include degrees in accounting, education, science, mathematics, computers and agriculture, just to mention but a few. Besides undergraduate degree programs, Ghana universities offer diplomas, master degrees, doctorates and study certificates. It is important to note that each faculty has specific study programs they offer. Universities in Ghana offer full time, part-time and online study programs.

The enrollment process with any one of the university is simple. It is done through the completion and submission of a study application form together with a copy of your high school certificate, copy of your identity document and the application fee. The application process can be done online or you can physically visit the University of your Choice to hand in your application form and the relevant documents. Again, Ghana Universities accept people from all walks of life as long as they satisfy the pre-admission requirements. Other than the basic requirements such as high school education or mature entry qualifications, foreign students will be required to have study permit before they can be admitted.

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Ghana universities offer employment related study programs. If you want to further your education with one of the best universities in Ghana, in Africa and in the world, Ghana Universities are well positioned in terms of offering the best and well recognized university education. All the information that is necessary such as the study fees, application process, name and location of the universities, student enrollment and screening process as well as all the required information and documents are readily available on the internet and on each university’s website.

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