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Published at 03/29/2012 10:26:02


There are several prestigious institutions of higher learning in the United States Notre Dame; catholic founded Notre Dame University being a classic example. These Notre Dame universities are fully fledged centers for intellectual learning. They have rich backgrounds in social values which help their students with the advantage of clear career paths. The centers are not only for academic learning but also serve as all round developmental institutions with diversified culture. Notre Dame Universities enjoy an already established reputation to the public owing to the legends who are alumni of these colleges.


There is a rich background in the history and foundation of the great Notre dame universities. They are institutions that are living proof to have stood the test of time being established in the historical times. Centre of higher learning in Notre dame were founded by different group organizations one suck is the Catholic Church.

Missionaries from France who were visiting the area for example started the Notre Dame University. What they started was a small centre which was aimed at assisting male students exclusively as there were no admissions for ladies at the time. In November 26th the year 1842, the donated land courtesy of Vincennes was served by buildings and structures for training.

The administration was headed by its founder, Edward Sorin, a member of congregation of holy cross who also was the first president of the Notre dame university. Several other Notre Dame universities have since sprung up like the Jesuit colleges and the Notre Dame University of Maryland.


The Notre Dame universities include private learning institutions located within the area in serine environments with beautiful architectural designs. Northern part of the city of South Bend, Indiana in the United States and neighbored is well served by these academic training centers.

Michigan State as the immediate surrounding of the Notre dame city is serving as a major boost for the Notre Dame Universities. Some of the examples of places that are earmarked for promoting the image of the area in terms of education are Notre Dame University. This single institution has iconic facilities like Basilica of the sacred heart and the library which is a world class standard.

The library is well equipped with reference material and is named after Theodore M. Hesburgh. Transformation has since been registered at these institutions into full university status that boosts of a large number of student enrollments. This trend has been improved with the institutions taking a centre stage in embracing gender balance values as both male and female student dominance is practical.

These Notre Dame universities are accredited to offer several courses both for undergraduate and post graduate programs. Degree, masters and doctorate programs are offered at the several institutions in the city. Various campuses are representing the main Notre Dame universities and are distributed at different parts of the world. Mendoza College is a centre for offering business studies with others like Notre Dame College in Cleveland. Courses include law, nursing and midwifery, medicine, health sciences, education, arts and sciences, theology and physiotherapy studies. Accommodation is both in campus offered by the single sex hostels and off campus with adequate social amenities. Notre Dame Universities are also avenues for extra curricular activities like football, athletics and basketball among other sport disciplines.

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While looking for a neutral place to get university education, one of the considerations can be placed for one of the Notre Dame Universities. It can be considered an all round learning centre that fits the needs of students and is therefore appropriate for learning.