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The education system that is currently used in most countries has its highest level of tertiary training in the universities. There are several kinds of university structures and these are based on what courses they offer and their administration protocols. Paralegal universities are found to be spread all over the world just like other tertiary learning centers. They are said to specialize in a given line of courses. These courses are in the category of criminal justice and the associated links.


Paralegal universities or colleges are those that are distinctively set aside to offer courses that are of intelligence and legal areas in the society. Some of these institutions are established by the act of legislative decision as their bearing on nations judiciary is of national interest. Establishing these paralegal training institutions dates back to the ancient times where there was need to have bulk human resource to handle paralegal cases.

The First World War and the Second World War era was marked by lack of preparedness on the part of legal experts to hand le the crucial legal assignments. Legal practitioners were overwhelmed because they were limited in number; a situation that was considered a crisis in the public interest. This prompted various stakeholders to act by forming a taskforce into the realization of supply of those with relevant knowledge on paralegal matters.

The encroachment of paralegal universities is an indication of the progress made in the education sector. Schools and colleges have grown into university status apart from a few ones which are recently formed directly into the status of universities.


They are characterized by special outlines and procedures that are followed on their operations from admission to learning. Structure of curriculum within a paralegal university follows a standard way that is in accordance with the rule of law of the nation. Some slight variations can however be realized when dealing with international interests and the laws that are universally applicable. Paralegal studies have features that are peculiar in the sense that absolute principles are followed to the end without being compromised at any slightest point.

Different levels of certification exists in paralegal universities just like for other courses in the some. Among these levels include certificate programs, associate degree programs, bachelors programs and the ultimate advanced degree in paralegal studies. This is also to accommodate masters and doctorate levels of certification along the path of paralegal studies. Areas of specialization that the paralegal universities offer their students may include public administration, probation studies, police service concepts, security management, criminology, forensics among others. Other related units of interest to paralegal studies also touch on court reporting, corrections, dispute resolution, criminal investigations and emergency and disaster management.

Examples of colleges that offer these courses are New York University, community college of the air force, Phoenix College, university of San Diego, Boston University, Everest University among others. Those that are elevated to the level of being international paralegal universities are offering their course coverage to both local and international student clientele.

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It is the services of these paralegal officers that are contributing to the safety of our community and this fact qualifies the promotion of paralegal university education. The concepts offered and the coverage of the courses is seen to be practically applicable to the normal coexistence of the public meaning that it is a noble service.

By Kennedy Jacob, published at 03/28/2012
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