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People in the present era are more and more inclined towards online education. There may be multiple reasons for this, but the very common amongst the numerous prominent reasons is to earn while you learn. In today's world there is an endless list of online universities who are willing to offer far and wide learning opportunity or distance education as known by people commonly or online degrees to individuals who seek opportunities for life-long learning from the list of online universities that hits the sky not only nationally but at a global level.


Here we have tried our best to provide a well arranged and organized list of online universities, which has provided relevant details about various online degrees, which are part of their diverse array of courses going parallel to requirements and needs of various career choices.


 If we go by facts and regularly updated statistics it would eventually come to our notice that moving from continent to continent only universities in Europe and America have gained more popularity in comparison to online universities present in Asia. This might be cause of multiple factors but then most prominent reason is that online universities in United States of America and Europe instigated their plan much early than the online universities located in Asia. Due to which they have developed a better grip over the online environment of imparting education.

Hence, it is because this fact that online university in European and American side has an education standard of higher quality comparatively to ones situated in other continents.

So, to move further here is the List of online universities, which has made a name for them by maintaining their uniqueness and individuality alive throughout the globe on the basis of their quality of academics. Hence, the list of online universities begins as follows: first in the list we have AIU( American Intercontinental University) Online, Benedictine University Online, Berkeley College Online, Capella University, Colorado, Technical University, DeVry University Online, Everest College, University, Kaplan, Phoenix, Virginia and last in the queue of the list of online universities we have Walden University.

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Furthermore, let me highlight the basic courses and degrees which are common amongst all the institutes present in this list of online universities. The list of common courses comes right here: Accounting Programs, Administrative Assistant, Animation Degree, Architecture Programs, Automotive Technology, Behavioral Science, Biology, HR Management ,Information Technology, MBA Degree, Medical Assistant and lastly we have Public Administration.

On the last stage comes the question of how to apply to these listed online universities, so let me bring to your knowledge that as the name implies online university so the application process for all these universities is also online. Therefore, take you chance and benefit from the provided list of online universities.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/29/2012
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