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Benefits Of Distance Learning in Universities

Published at 03/29/2012 15:45:37


Distance learning in universities is a learning system where one does not have to report to the university’s campus on daily basis to attend lectures. It is a system where the leaning process is done whilst you are at home through any media communication channels and the internet. Distance learning in universities is preferred by most students because of flexibility, low transport costs and one can study at his place, time and pace.


Universities throughout the world have introduced distance learning education in order to reach each and every student in every corner of the planet. This has been made successful due to advanced communication channels such as internet that are more reliable. Distance learning education in universities is now common in the academic world and has managed to increase the number of students enrolled by universities.


Distance learning in universities is beneficial to students because it saves the time to travel to and from the university campus everyday to attend to lectures. This also reduces transport costs to those students who do not have university residential accommodation as well as reducing the burden and the costs of staying at the college. The distance learning system allows students to plan for their time of studying whilst at home, going to work or even engaging in other businesses. In other words, distance learning system allows you to study at any place and any time which is convenient to you. There are no formal lectures to students under this system, but students can only visit the campus or meet their lectures for discussions only and when writing final examinations. All the communication between the university, lectures and students like the enrollment process, study material, syllabus and submissions of assignments is done via the internet. In some instances and programs, lectures are contacted through a television or radio program supported by internet bases studies.

The other benefit of distance learning in universities is that this system reaches anyone who wants to study all over the world. The application and enrollment process as well as the payment of fees in done online. The study material, syllabuses are availed through the university’s website to registered students and you would receive your qualification certificate via the postman. The University Of South Africa (UNISA) is one of the universities that offer distance learning education to students all over the world. Distance learning in universities also benefits the university itself by reducing administration work, reducing the need for lecture rooms, need for a physical library for students because on online library serves the purpose and the need to building residential houses for student. It is also an opportunity for universities to introduce more study programs and to enroll many students without overcrowding the campus.

Tips and comments

If you want to study at your own pace and time as well as from your residential place despite where you stay, distance education is the answer. The enrollment process and all the communication with the university are done online and you only visit the university’s nearest study centre when writing final examinations.