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List Of Universities Jobs

Published at 04/04/2012 18:13:06


Aside from business firms and private and government sectors, universities also help in managing employment issues in a certain region. However, unlike the others, universities don’t usually do mass hiring since they only hire based on available positions in the universities. The common universities jobs that are usually being applied for are teachers, administration staff, and research assistant.


One of the most common universities jobs are teachers. Teachers may either be lecturers or professors. Usually, professors are the ones who have full time work inside the university. They are assigned a number of teaching units, depending on the subject that they will be teaching. Lecturers usually work for part-time and are required only a certain number of teaching units. Both lecturers and professors are required to pass some tests; most especially their actual teaching test but it would always depend on the university that they are applying for. It is also a must that they prepare lesson plans before they do their lectures so that they would be updated on what topic they have already discussed to their students. There are some universities that require their lecturers to have a master’s degree and their professors to have a doctor’s degree. There are also some universities that require professors to conduct research and experiments and contribute their paper works to scientific publications.

Administration Staff

One of the widest selections of universities jobs would be the administration staff. There are a lot of positions available for admin works. They can be assigned in the registrar’s office and do secretarial job which will take care of the keeping student records. They can also be guidance counsellors who would be helping students if they need any psychological help or if they need help from any other problems. Usually guidance counsellors are required to be Psychology graduates. Accountants may also apply and be a part of the accounting department where they take care of payments and other university expenses. Some universities would also look for logistics staff which would be part of their supply chain team which takes care of managing supplies needed in the universities. Some would also look for staff to be assigned in the Information Technology department which would take care of the university’s centralized computer operations and even maintain their website. There are still a lot of administration jobs for people who are willing to work in universities. This would depend on the needs of each department.

Research Assistant

One of the most common universities jobs are research assistants. They are the ones that assist professors who are currently doing research since there are times that professors can’t always attend to their experiments because of limited time due to their teaching schedules and they are also busy preparing for their lesson plans, making exams for students, and also studying for the next topic that they’re going to present in class. Research assistants also assist students in the university who are doing their thesis or research work. There are some experiments that always need to be attended and data should also be obtained on a certain period of time this is why universities also hire research assistants to do this kind of work. Aside from manning the experiment and obtaining crucial data, they are also responsible for doing preliminary research and paperwork. They can also be assigned in field work to obtain data relevant to the research or experiment. There are some students who look for universities jobs and would apply for a research assistant position, that is, if they have enough time to do the job and if they are also qualified.