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There are a lot of universities in criminal justice around the world and especially in the U.S. These universities offer Criminal Justice programs because aside from its need and demand, it can be considered as one of the most interesting programs that possibly CSI fanatics would want to try studying. Among the top universities in criminal justice are American InterContinental University, Walden University, and Kaplan University.

American InterContinental University

One of the top universities in Criminal Justice is the American InterContinental University. Aside from London, they also have campus locations in some of the states in the U.S. such as Atlanta, Houston, and South Florida. They also offer online courses in Business Programs, Information Technology and most especially, Criminal Justice.

The American InterContinental University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program has 10 specialization course options such as Criminal Investigation, Terrorism and Homeland Security, Crime and Substance Abuse and more. The degree also includes 14 core courses such as Constitutional Law, Foundations of Criminal Justice Systems, Research Methods and Statistics for Criminal Justice and many more. All of these specializations can also be taken through their online study.

Walden University

Another one of the top universities in Criminal Justice is the Walden University. The university offers online degree programs including Bachelors and Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. Their online programs are very flexible especially for those who want to have both a job and an education all at once.

Walden University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice has concentrations in Computer Information Systems and Security, Crime and Criminals, Criminal Justice Management and Administration, Homeland Security, Human Services for Criminal Justice. They also offer Masters of Science in Criminal Justice with specializations in Emergency Management, Homeland Security Policy, Homeland Security Policy and Coordination, Law and Public Policy, Policy Analysis, Public Management and Leadership, Terrorism, Mediation and Peace. They also offer self-designed specializations which allow students to create their own learning program for them to deeply understand their understanding of the theories and issues in criminal justice. To complete this specialization, students would need to complete their studies from any coursework in homeland security, policy analysis, or terrorism, mediation and peace.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is one of the top universities in Criminal Justice which also offers online educations most especially in Criminal Justice. They also have learning centres in Rockville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. These learning centres also offer on-ground support to those who seek online education especially in the aforementioned areas.

Kaplan University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice has emphasis areas on Computer Crime, Corrections, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Psychology, Homeland Security, Juvenile Justice, and Law Enforcement. Aside from that, the university also offers Masters of Science in Criminal Justice with emphasis areas on Corrections, Global Issues in Criminal Justice, Law, Leadership and Executive Management, and Policing.

They also offer an accelerated master’s degree option in which students from the bachelor’s degree of criminal justice program have an advance plan of study which will fast track their master’s degree program if ever they also pursue a master’s degree on Criminal Justice

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