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In the world, the United States has the best schools for Engineering such as CalTech or California Institute of Technology and MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, aside from the U.S., the United Kingdom also has the best schools for Engineering. In fact, there have been a total of five UK engineering Universities which were included in the Top 50 Engineering and Technology Universities in 2011 to 2012 and three of them were even in the top 10.

University of Cambridge

Among the UK engineering universities, University of Cambridge made it to the number six spot among the top 50 engineering and technology universities in 2011 to 2012. It gained a 90.6% overall rating, 95.2% rating for their teaching methods, 81.6% rating for international outlook, 73.1% rating for industry income, 91% rating on research, and 90.9% rating on citations.

The University of Cambridge’s engineering department always makes it to one of the highest among other UK engineering universities with their extensive training and research. In this university, engineering students study broad engineering fundamentals for the first two years and proceed to a more specialized area of engineering on their third year and will eventually undergo extensive and comprehensive training on their chosen discipline during their last year. Aside from that, their department also has a Language Program for Engineers which offers specialised courses in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese as well.

University of Oxford

Another one of the UK engineering universities which was included in the top 50 engineering and technology universities in 2011 to 2012 is the University of Oxford. The University of Oxford made it in the top 10 in the list, which placed in number 7, just after the University of Cambridge. It gained an 87.4% overall rating, 94.5% rating for their teaching methods, 86% for international outlook, 40.5% for industry income, 87.7% rating on research, and 88.3 rating on citations.

The University of Oxford is also famous for their Department of Engineering Science which conducts high quality research in all the major branches of engineering. They also do research in other areas that are greatly concerned with engineering such as biomedical engineering and energy and the environment.

With the collaboration of both the faculty and students, their Department of Engineering Science work together with the industries and then they interpret their research results to real life applications. They apply engineering with other disciplines such as medical and life sciences as well.

Imperial College London

The last of the UK engineering universities which made it on the top 10 among the 50 engineering and technology universities in 2011 to 2012 is the Imperial college of London. It ranked 10th place and has an overall rating of 85.7%. Among the scores that the Imperial college of London has is 91.9% on teaching methods, 89.1% on international outlook, 66.5% on industry income, 87.2% on research, and 80% on citations.

The Imperial College of London houses 7 departmental societies under their Faculty of Engineering. These are AeroSoc, or Aeronautical Society for Aeronautical Engineering students, Bioengineering society for Bioengineering students, CivSoc or Civil Engineering society for Civil Engineering students, DoCSoc or Department of Computing society for Computing students, EE.Soc or Electrical Engineering society for Electrical Engineering students, and the Mechanical Engineering society for the Mechanical Engineering students.

The Imperial College London’s Faculty of Engineering showcases high quality and world class research and experiments produced by both their students and faculty. Their faculty, with over 1,200 staff and 5,000 students is one of the largest engineering faculties in Europe.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/03/2012
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