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About Universities Philosophy

Published at 04/02/2012 23:00:00


While universities have been instituted from the early ages, they have continuously developed, and so did the universities philosophy. A university is a higher education form that grants those that attend it, an academic degree in different specializations. It can provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education, depending on the level of career you want to have when finishing it.

Universities characteristics

Despite that every university is unique in its own way, one should be aware that their organization is more or less similar. Anyhow, almost all of the universities have a board of trustees – a president, a chancellor or a rector; at least one vice-president, vice-chancellor, and vice-rectors and depending on the size of the university, some deans of various divisions. Each university has various departments and faculties. Whether the university belongs to the public system, they are ruled by government higher education boards. While their budget depends on the public system, there are those universities, which are privately funded and have a bigger independence in comparison to the state policies.

The way to regard a university is different depending on the country. Therefore, while in some countries they are predominantly funded by state, in others there are mainly private such institutions. Moreover, in some countries students prefer to study in their home town, while in others they’d rather go out of town to the university or even out of borders.

Universities role

As the early ages admit, men needed and asked to be more and more taught and to learn new things. He no longer based his life on physical work, but wanted to explore and develop what man could do with his intelligence. Therefore, the need for the universities studies arose.

Like any other institution, this should be constructed on a certain universities philosophy, that people will guide themselves by. Their establishment in itself represents a philosophy of education in providing education by their founding bodies. This philosophy is mainly based on a set of values and fundamental assumptions that are used as a root for funding and evaluating the educational practice. Universities philosophy mainly accounts for the methods on how children should be educated, the purpose of their education, and the reason that stands in the back of their education.

How is this universities philosophy reflected by? It is seen through the values, the mission, the vision, the objectives and the knowledge held by the human. Anyhow, just like the universities have different levels of education, they have different philosophical orientations.

Philosophical view

While many of us look at the universities philosophy, just like something that should exist in the curricula of the universities, this goes beyond the school curricula. This philosophical problem in education leads to some deep questions. In order for one to be able to respond to these philosophical questions, the involvement of the political party - in which the state is based on, should be accepted. Anyhow, the meaning of this philosophy, apart from creating a general view of life that would reside in the inner of the university, is also, to have a general common view of how universities are regarded by the state and what should they raise their alumni to believe in.