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Universities are a part of the education field that is more and more regarded as compulsory. Despite it not being so, very few people nowadays don’t have this special preparation. The cause of this is because private and big companies ask for specialization from their employees. This will save them extra costs in training and will make them look good view in the market.

Having an extra degree to your studies will make you more trustworthy and companies will search for you, not you for them. One of the areas you could get specialized in is philosophy.

Philosophy characteristic

Philosophy represents the study of the general and the fundamental problems; what is very special about things like existence, knowledge, values, reason, and mind as well as, language. It exists since the ancient people. What makes it different from other studies is the fact that it has a rational approach and a realistic one, and more often a critical and a systematic approach. Just like any other field of study, it has various branches – like epistemology, logic, metaphysics, moral and political philosophy, aesthetics and some specialized branches that apply to other lines of study. Some of them are the philosophy of language; the philosophy of law, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of religion and the philosophy of science. Whichever the branch of philosophy you decided upon, there is a common thing for all, and that is the morality that should be found in whatever we do.


When you decided upon this field of study, you should at first decide which part of the field you want to concentrate upon. The best world’s philosophy universities are as follows – the Harvard University; the University of Oxford; the University of Cambridge; the University of California Barkley; the Princeton University, the Australian National University; the University of Toronto; the Stanford University; the Yale University; the University of Chicago; the New York University; the Columbia University and the University of California. These are the first thirteen universities one can opt for if intending to select as a line of study the philosophy and therefore, select one of the greatest philosophy universities that exists.

While the universities that are shown above are mainly located in the United States and a few in Australia and the United Kingdom, one should know that depending on the commuting possibilities, there are philosophy universities all over Europe, such as France – Universite Paris Sorbbonne; China – Peking University; Germany - Freie Universität Berlin and many other philosophy universities.

University of Oxford

Having taken the decision to opt for one of the finest philosophy universities, the University of Oxford is one the best a student can opt for. It houses the Faculty of Philosophy, which is regarded as one of the greatest centers of philosophy. The total number of staff that exists in this Faculty is of over one hundred and fifty professionals who are very well trained in this regard. Each year more than five hundred undergraduates is admitted studying philosophy and its effects in Oxford. It is mainly studied in combination with another subject such as literature, mathematics, etc.

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