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For those that are not aware of the abbreviation, the State University of New York represents the actual Suny Universities. Having been established back in 1948, it represents an entire system of public institutions of higher education that resides in the state of New York. It is believed to be the largest of the universities systems in the entire United States area.


As long as the suny universities represent one of the largest such systems in the United States, it has a total number of enrollment persons of 465,000 to which 1.1 million adult education students are added. It has over 64 campuses all over the United States. In order to be able to take care of this large number of students, the faculty staff should as well be of a rather big number. Therefore, the entire system of the suny universities comprises a total number of 88,000 faculty members; it has the possibility of choosing out of the 7,660 degrees and certificates programs.

Apart from the institutions that it includes, it as well comprises four University Centers – that of Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo and Stony Brook. These campuses are well known by their location, as they are spread all over the New York state, in the urban, suburban and as well rural areas. While location is just a mere factor in the decision regarding your future college, once you made up your mind, you can click on the campus name, and you will be redirected to the campus official site.

Applying to suny universities

Suny universities official website will allow you to apply for the needing education level. The only thing you have to make is to create an account in order to be able to apply online. If you applied for a specialty you no longer want and desire to change your application, you can opt for the Suny Supplemental Application Sheet and make your desired transfer.



Suny’s programs

In order to make the right selection for your future, one needs to be aware of the academic programs that Suny offers. It offers over 5,000 programs overall. Due to the fact that there are so many programs to select from, you have to think about your needs and establish some selection criteria, in order to be offered the most suitable results.

The “Program finder” will be more than helpful if this is the case. The “Area of interest” field will offer you the possibility of seeing a variety of program categories at one time. On the official site of the Suny universities -, you can find the needing information about every degree type that it has to offer. Therefore, the Certificate Programs, refer to the courses that are usually offered through community colleges and theya er good for those that need a fast employment. These programs usually offer employment after just a one year program of study. The Associate degree Programs, takes two years time and the students that finish it are ready prepared for employment or for going to the Bachelor’s program. The last of the programs is the Bachelor’s Degree programs that are synonymous with college degrees. You receive it after completing an undergraduate study of four years.

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