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Benefits Of Canadian Universities Online


The university studies are by far the most appreciated studies a person can have. This is a more reason to get in touch with the form of university and the type that you think suits your needs, bets.

If you are a very busy person and you have a job that does not allow you to take some university courses as well, the best choice to make is to search for an alternative. The Canadian universities online could be the alternative you’ve longed for.


What does CVU refer to? The Canadian Virtual University is the answer that one has been looking for in his desire to specialize more. It is a consortium that was formed in 2000, by six universities from Canada. Its aim is to help people enlarge their knowledge and evolve at the same time, to offer quality online and distance programs, easing the transfer of credit among the Canadian Universities, provide the learners with as many options as possible when wanting to search for Canadian universities online, collaborating with other members in order to develop online programs and foremost, to establish a Canadian presence in the growing online education at the university level. As it comprises more universities from Canada, and does not represent just a University, the courses costs are lower. This is what happens when they take courses from partner universities.

At the moment, the Canadian Virtual University consortium comprises a total number of twelve Canadian universities online to choose from. These are Athabasca University, Carleton University, Laurentian University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Mount Royal University Nipissing University, Royal Military College of Canada, Royal Roads University, TÉLUQ, l'université à distance de l'UQÀM, Thompson Rivers University, University of Manitoba, University of New Brunswick. The levels that one can opt for from this consortium are bachelors, certificate, diploma, masters and non-credit.

Benefits for students

Each one of us is aware of the full life and the problems that may occur at home, at work etc, and the possibility of finishing a higher degree study, get lower and lower. This is why, the Canadian universities online are regarded as a very beneficial thing for the working people. As more Canadian universities online participate to this Canadian Virtual University consortium, the more distance and online courses will be available.

At the moment in registering online on this consortium, one can choose from the 2,500 courses available and over 350 degrees, diplomas and certificates. It is important to know that one quarter of the programs available are offered in French, in case you want this. Moreover it is important to know that the universities that are included in this program accept each other’s courses for transfer credits. This mix and match courses can be made using the letter of permission form. Moreover, you can pick up a mixing course and then transfer it to your actual program at another university. You can start on looking for the perfect university, while being in high school, by getting a head start on the online programs offered.

Benefits for universities

For those universities that are part of this online program, there are as well special benefits, such as creating online programs by using courses that are already developed by other universities. The more universities bound together the more sharing of information is made. Therefore, they can share the marketing, the students advising, the administration services, and the program development and as well the best practices.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/03/2012
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