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Washington is the capital of the United States. This was decided in 1970, when the United States Congress approved the creation of a federal district to become the National capital. It was then formed from a land found along the Potomac River. This land was donated by the states of Maryland and of Virginia. The Congress incorporated the city of Washington and the remaining incorporated area from the District under a single government. In 2010 the city was the 24th most populated place in the United States.

Anyhow, the Washington’s metropolitan area from which the District is a part of has a total number of almost 5.6 million people. This makes it the 7th most populated metropolitan area from the country. Apart from the 176 embassies that it has, Washington is known for his superior education institutions.


Washington universities and colleges split in many categories. Therefore, one can choose for his post-secondary school option, from the 4-year universities, 2-year community college, career colleges, graduate schools and as well online colleges. These educational Washington universities and colleges can be small, big, private, public, general, vocational, religious or specific.

Due to the big and the important Washington is, the education has as well its main role in the city’s development. The higher education in Washington has grown into many types of institutions, but the common thing among them, us that those that offer a four year undergraduate or graduate program are known as “universities” or as “colleges”. The public universities are those that are operated by the state government bodies; however there are the private ones that have other type of politic. They tend to rely on certain tuition – bigger than usual, endowments and gifts. They can either be a single facility University or have various campuses – the multiple facility ones.


Looking for a good reason why one should choose the Washington universities and colleges that exist? Depending on the program that you opt for, these universities will offer you a 4 year bachelor’s degree, a 2 year associate’s degree and even shorter diplomas and certificates. Having your degree, you can take a major, double major, a minor or honors option, as your future educational view. This entitles one to choose the degree in accordance with the needing specialization and interests. The Washington universities and colleges are well known as working hard to provide the specialized knowledge that students look for. Apart from the actual learning, they will make your education relevant by different kinds of participatory learning.

Washington universities

Whether you have made up your mind and decided to choose one of the various Washington universities and colleges that exist, there are many options to choose from. You must think what your expectations from the curricula are and from the knowledge you go out of this with. Out of the private institutions, you can choose from the American University, the Catholic University of America, the Gallaudet University, the George Washington University, the Georgetown University, the Howard University and the Johns University School of Advanced International Studies. Then there are the ones that provide a certain specialization – such as the Corcoran College of Art and Design. The public university one can opt for is the University of the District of Columbia. If you are interested in the medical science, the District is well known, for its good medical research institutions.

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