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Benefits Of Hospital Universities

Published at 04/03/2012 22:40:21


None will actually choose working in a hospital environment if that person does not feel the call that he is made for this. If the medical care environment is the field you want to get your specialization in, one must be aware that there is a long road until you get to being a good and well appreciated doctor.

Is it suitable for you?

Whether you are not completely certain and have some doubts regarding this career, it signifies that you should write down all the positive and negative aspects of it, from your perspective and then compare them. If you did not do this before entering a medical university and you thought of it just now, you have other options as well. One of the most effective one is to observe or to sign in to a medical placement. This experience will test both your motivation and your abilities for the job. Making them both may be quite challenging, but at least you will know if the medical way is the future for your career.

Hospital universities networks

There are many such hospital universities networks and they seem to be working accordingly with their initial purpose. There is the Universitas 21, the University Hospitals one, the University of Chicago Medicine and almost all the Medical universities that exist in the big states. This are made in order to share a common interest in education, research and as well clinical practice. More universities, and even more countries bound together are more likely to give a positive result to their research. Despite of the fact that the common ground that united the hospitals and the universities, some important differences can be seen in the organizational drivers. Therefore, the universities aim for high research productivity and reputation as well as good revenue for this, while in hospitals the pressure for efficiency is felt. This pressure does not come alone, as it has increased the clinical service demands and brought new responsibilities for budget management including. There is as well the Office of Graduate Medical Education. Having registered yourself in this program of hospital universities one will be on payroll and commence with being paid.


For having the hospital universities finished one will be subjected to various benefits. The compensation is the main benefit one can account for. The payroll is one of the compensation ways. These payments are prepared for a bi-weekly period that ends on Saturday. For this, each resident should complete a Withholding Allowance Certificate – needed for withholding the Federal Income Tax and as well another certificate – the State of Ohio Withholding Exemption Certificate – required for the State Income Tax.

The hospital universities make everything legal – as in being interested in all the forms, one can obtain those from the Benefits Office in Human Resources. Moreover, there are the deductions that the hospital universities withdraw from your payment. Anyhow, all the taxes that are paid on your behalf to the state appear on the paycheck stub.

Apart from being medically and stately insured you will as well be offered parking. The hospital universities offer parking for whichever type of car one may own. There is a small tax that one has to pay, but this is minimal in comparison to the safety that it provides your car with.

The flexible spending account is another benefit one can take advantage of if working in such an environment. The residents are as well allowed to use the fitness center, the ones that have over 21 years of age, can opt for contributing to the 403(b) Matched Retirement Savings Plan.

If you found this is what you are good at, there is no reason whatsoever that holds you back.