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Most often, art is understood as painting, film, photography, sculpture and some other things that imply vision. However, there are other types of skills, which are thought to be able to be considered as part of the arts spectrum. These are .music, theatre, dance, literature and other media., one has to have a special preparation or be born with the necessary art skills.

Unlike other lines of study, art does not necessarily exist for a purpose. There is art and along the years it had different functions. Anyhow, none of the purposes art has served can be considered a simple one. Each of the purposes is at least complex and abstract in what they mean. Despite of the “vague” characteristic that art has, it did not cease to exist or to be appreciated and looked for. There are the non-motivated functions of the art .that are the look for harmony, balance and rhythm. the need to experience the mysterious. the need to express ones imagination and nevertheless, the ritualistic and symbolic functions that art may create in different situations. Among the upper mentioned purposes, there are as well those that are the motivated ones. These are the need to communicate through art of any kind. the need to entertain oneself. the art for political change. art for psychological and healing purposes. art as a social inquiry or anarchy and lets not forget, the art for propaganda.

If you want to get specialized in arts, you can choose one of the art colleges and universities that exist. These exists all other the world not just in the country. There is the art that is done in Europe that is very high regarded. Some of the art colleges and universities one can select from are Rhode Island School of Design, Yale University School of Art, School of the Art college of Chicago, Maryland college College of Art, California college of Art, Columbia University School of the Arts, School of Visual Arts, UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts, University of Texas College of Fine Arts, CUNY Hunter College, Parsons School of Design, Ohio State University Department of Art, UC Davis Department of Art and Art History, San Francisco Art college, University of Washington School of Arts, University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, Boston University College of Fine Arts, University of Colorado Department of Art and Art History, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Madrid, the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and as well Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic college Of Fine Arts, Sculpture Also, Architecture. These are just a few of the possible art colleges and universities around the world that one can choose from.

The Academy of Art University from San Francisco is one of the options one can take. Just like any other art colleges and universities that exist, it has various art schools. Unlike others, it can as well provide you the online learning possibility. So besides your daily work, you can take it upon yourself to get specialized in whatever art you feel capable of doing.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/04/2012
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