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University is the highest educational rank. In order for one to get specialized in a certain domain, the best solution is to choose one of the university specializations that there are. There are a wide range of domains, and one cannot say that he does not find a good and interesting domain for oneself. It offers one both undergraduate and postgraduate education.

University history

The etymology of the word “history” derives from a number of persons that are associated in a body a society, a company or a community. The Latin origin of the word signifies the institutions that offer certain degrees, from the Western Europe part of the world. This form of teaching is believed to have its roots in this part of the world, from where it began to develop. What one should take notice of is the fact that the universities offer the academic freedom and this is an important thing to know. The first university ever existing is the University of Bologna. In the early year of 1155 the University of Bologna adopted an academic charter - named The Constitutio Habita. This charter guaranteed the right of every scholar, to education.

Old universities

While in the English meaning of the word “old universities” referred to ancient universities, ones should just focus on the fact that old universities, are universities that exist ever since the beginnings and still have a great deal to say in today’s educational environment. The majority of the European countries had its universities by the year of 1500. Therefore, in the entire Europe appeared such universities – Belgium – Ghent University, University of Liege; in Bosnia and Herzegovina – University of Sarajevo; Croatia – University of Zagreb; Denmark – Technical University of Denmark; England – University of Oxford; Estonia – University of Tartu; Greece – University of Athens; Iceland - University of Iceland; Hungary – Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Netherlands – University of Leiden, University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University; Portugal – University of Lisbon, University of Porto, Technical University of Lisbon; Romania – Babes-Bolyai University, University of Bucharest; Russia – Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg State University; Slovenia – University of Ljubljana. In other regions of the world there are old universities such as Mexico - Colegio de Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco; Dominican Republic - Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo; Colombia - Saint Thomas Aquinas University; Peru - National University of San Antonio Abad in Cuzco.

All over the United States there are universities that have been founded since the early ages. This is what makes them more special in the old universities spectrum. Such examples are the Harvard University, the Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, and others.

Reasons to attend an old university

While many new universities have come out in the few decades, there are the old universities that have a range of very good teachers, and that offer as well the possibility for one to have a future reassured, as they may get you directly to a job. Anyhow, the future of these universities is not as good as it should be. The main idea is that due to the online possibility of education, twenty years from now, the old campuses will be nothing but relics. Despite of its survival until these days, the future of the universities is not so bright.

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