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Top 5 Universities in Accounting


Accounts and commerce has been one of the most dominant fields in case of higher education. Imparting knowledge and providing a strong base, there are universities in accounting studies which has been in demand. Basically, there are many institutes all around the world which are universities in accounting, but some of them only provide better education. Higher study is a popular concept in today’s world, especially for students coming as immigrants. This is why applicants for universities in accounting have come up in huge numbers.

MBA degree is one of the most profound ones in accounting world. There are many universities in accounting offering executive MBA as well as distant education. Finding the right university is one of the toughest tasks. Along with that, applying to all of the universities is also not a valid step. The top 5 universities in accounting are as follows:

The Top 3

1) University of Pennsylvania – Founded by Benjamin Franklin, it is profoundly known as Penn around the world. Known to be the first university to offer both undergraduate and post graduate courses, Penn is the top most university for accountings. Along with a broad range of imparting education, there are many sections offering calibrated education. The community of Penn offers many schools of business along with law, medical, dental, communication, nursing, veterinary, humanities, and bio-medical institutes. One of the best universities in accounting, Penn offers the best account courses from Wharton School of Business.

2) University of Texas-Austin – Flagship institute of The University of Texas System, UT is one of the most dominant universities in accounting. With a record breaking enrollment, UT gains a distinctive edge in providing state-of-the-art facilities for higher education. Research facilities and courses are the most profound ones from UT. University faculty comprises Nobel Prize winners as well as many other prestigious award winners. Athletic department also holds a good grip in the world as currently there are 117 Olympic medal winners from UT. McCombs School of Business which was known as School of Business Administration provides excellent courses.

3) University of Chicago – Founded by the American Baptist Education Society, UC is the best private research university. With a donation of $300 million by David Booth, UC’s Booth School of Business became the largest gift in the history of universities in accounting. With the most elaborative and impressive infrastructure, UC become the prominent name in accounting colleges and one of the top B-Schools.

4) University of Illinois – Chicago Loop comprises of University of Illinois, which is popularly known as UIC. The system offers 74 undergraduate programs, 77 master’s degree and 60 doctorates. College of Business Administration offers MBA program which is one of the best ranked programs for universities in accounting.

5) University of Michigan – It is a public research university founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1817. Most famous due to their athletic team “Wolverines”, they hold the fifth position in top most universities in accounting. One of the most active universities in public sector, U-M arranges many activities and events all round the year. With unique distinctions and state-of-the-art facilities, it offers easy migration to all immigrants wanting to get higher education in accounting.

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