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About Montgomery Universities

Published at 04/01/2012 17:51:40


About Montgomery Universities

The long chain of universities from profound places in United States of America has made it one of the most prominent countries to get higher education. Working as a group, there are many consortiums where you can get proper education. Coming as one of the best Universities group, Montgomery universities offers many calibrated options to all students. From locals to international immigrants, everybody gets a legitimate response.

There are many things you should know about Montgomery universities. First and foremost, there is no specific university imparting education. In fact, there are many universities and colleges that come under Montgomery universities. Reputed colleges offering courses in medical, law, science, statistics, research, and many more are found in Montgomery universities. Some of the interesting facts to know about it are as follows:


Fact 1) Montgomery universities stretch across a long area from Auburn University to West Virginia University. Alabama Legislature giving rights to build institutes profoundly known as Montgomery universities was given in year 1967. Since then, many universities have been built imparting education in all sectors. Diversifying the ways, these universities have made their name and reputation all across the world.

Fact 2) One of the most famous universities among Montgomery universities is the Troy University. Known to be as the first satellite campus of Montgomery, historic Bell Building is close to it. This should not be confused from Troy University located in Troy, Alabama. Offering the best assistance to students coming from overseas, there are many scholarships as well as fellowships offered by this university with equal importance.

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Fact 3) Alabama State University is the next university in Montgomery universities that holds a record in making geniuses. With a motto saying, “When we teach class, the world takes note”, Alabama State University is the primary destination source for all Montgomery universities chain. About the academics of ASU, it is said that there is no better degree granting college better than this. Aerospace studies are a distinctive genre in this university and people interested in getting higher education prefer this mostly.

Fact 4) Faulkner University is one of those special Montgomery universities which are dedicated towards the Christian community. Affiliated with Church of Christ, this is a private Christian University funded in 1942. Harris College of Business Studies falls under this university only and is known for its outstanding importance in Business studies.

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Fact 5) The College life and student’s personal life is by far found to be one of the most satisfying from Montgomery universities. Athletics department is present in almost every university along with private publications of colleges and universities. Students who are aiming for higher education can also earn while getting vast educational facilities for themselves. Cultural growth is given as much importance as academic growth. Along with that, big bands and social events are also carried out for all round development of the student. The best part about all these colleges and universities is that the faculty comes from a notable group of people who are high class scholars and respected people. This university is having a history of producing great scholars and great businessmen.