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University selection is one of the most tedious tasks in entire process of college selection and therein, one must always look to rankings to get some sort of guidance. Therefore, Times has come forth with one of the most widely acknowledged rankings list in the entire world. Being on a Times Universities list is an honorable prestige that is offered to only some of the lucky colleges across the globe. While these rankings are a great reflection of what these colleges have to offer, they also excel in showing students where they truly belong. Of course, being on a Times Universities list also means that these colleges are also generous and therein, keep a check on their students’ college budgets.


The traditional Times Universities list goes back to a time when a college education became absolutely imperative and what with colleges sprouting up left, right and center, it also became difficult for people to choose the university that suited them best. However, once published in their magazine editions, reading off these lists wasn’t possible for everyone. Therefore, with the progress of modern technology, websites began to post these lists online; however, with the introduction of intellectual rights, these websites were barred from posting any such rankings. Therein, it was only a matter of time when the Times Universities list went online officially and continued to cater to vast numbers of senior students looking for a good quality higher education. It was due to this very list, that students realized that they had better options than the universities offered in their specific countries.


Of course, the Times Universities rankings list offers a vast variety of features; some that are almost impossible to find within other lists up for publishing. These lists categorize rankings down to the last subject. Hence, whether you’re looking for a college with the best Economics course, or the university with the best Political Sciences degree, these rankings provide you with the best general advice. This list can also be tailored to your preferences by the online advanced search technique that their website provides. Moreover, when you proceed to consulting this list, you will see that they provide you with the names of universities that hold the best regard for your college budgets and entire planning. This ranking also offers students to choose universities outside of the boundaries of their countries and states. Therein, when looking for the perfect guiding light, this list is definitely your stop!

Tips and comments

When consulting the Times Universities rankings, ensure that you keep your search in sync with what you’re willing to pay, what you desire to study, whether or not you can afford to go abroad, how well the universities’ atmospheres suit you and most importantly, what you consider your dream college. Moreover, you can see that these rankings can work better to your preferences if you used their advanced search option or if you have a good view of what you want your future college to be. Lastly, keep in mind that you must remain at the top of your game in order to gain admissions into some of the top most universities on this prestigious list.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/31/2012
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