How To Determine the Top 50 Universities
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How To Determine the Top 50 Universities

Published at 04/05/2012 19:36:49


How To Determine the Top 50 Universities

Education is one of the most crucial domains in everyone’s life. Without proper education in the competitive world today, building a career, and hence having a good professional and personal life is difficult. Academics related to the student’s future not only depend on the student’s ability but also on the education institute they are getting admitted to. All talented and well groomed students want to pursue higher and professional education in the top 50 universities of the world. When it comes down to the selection of these universities, the student can select any one based on his or her stream of interest. Determining the top 50 universities of the world is not as easy as it seems. Various universities have departments of excellence in various streams. But almost one of the top 50 universities of the world has top education levels in all streams. Though, they will surely have competent enough education in most fields, but then selecting educational institutions is and never was a choice based on compromise.

Step 1

Engineering is one of the most sought after courses in the graduation and post graduation levels of higher education. When it comes to selecting the top 50 universities of the world the student must have a clear idea in his or her mind about the stream he or she wants to go in. For example, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked in the top universities of the world for the departments related to technology where as Harvard and Stanford is better than Massachusetts Institute of Technology in terms of management education. So, while choosing a university a clear idea should be there. Then the selection process becomes much easier.

Step 2

The term “top 50 universities of the world” is actually relative in nature, dependent on lot of factors. Admission at both graduate and post graduate levels of higher education is not at all simple. It is dependent on both the academic expertise of the student who is applying, and also on the performance level of the student in various entrance tests conducted by these universities for admission. For example, Harvard University which is now ranked 2 in the world for the field of management education selects students based on three factors, namely experience in the industry, educational background and GMAT score of more than 750 (composite).

Step 3

While selecting top 50 universities of the world, if you are applying from abroad then you can get in touch with your country’s embassy too. They will be able to provide you better advice on what to select and how to go about it.

Step 4

Do not stick with less known or unpopular websites regarding the ranking of top 50 universities of the world. They can often be misleading. This can harm your career.

Step 5

Talk to the top 50 universities of the world personally. This will give you even more idea about the process of selection that you need to undergo.


You can also consult with various students who have already completed their education.

Additional tip

There are various official websites who list top 50 universities according to their capability.