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7 Best Az Universities

Published at 04/05/2012 19:02:57


Universities are the pillars of higher education all over the world. A person generally completes his or her higher school which is based on marks obtained, entrance test or sometimes even both gets admitted to the top universities all over the world for quality higher education. Education quality of the state of Arizona is catching up with all the other top states and countries in the world. AZ universities are considered one of the best options for pursuing higher studies. Whether it is engineering, medical, management, computer science, mathematics, arts or as such any subjects, the universities in Arizona offer quality education, backed with world class infrastructure and faculty. So if you belong from the state of Arizona or even from anywhere around the world you can consider universities located in the state of Arizona, for higher education.

University of Arizona: Ranked number one among all the AZ universities, it is located in Tucson, Arizona. Founded in 1885, this is the oldest and the most premiere educational colleges of higher education in the state of Arizona. It is ranked as 59th best university in the whole United States of America.

Arizona state university: This University is ranked number 2 among all AZ universities, and is located in the Phoenix metropolitan area of Arizona. Surprisingly, according to the statistics published by the country government, this university is the largest public institution of higher education in the whole country, based on the number of enrollments in 2011.

Northern Arizona University: Ranked as number 3, it is one of the most popular AZ universities and is popularly known as NAU. It has approximately 39 different satellite campus locations in the whole state of Arizona, and is another premiere educational college of higher education in the country.

Grand Canyon University: This University is ranked number 4 in the top list of all AZ universities and was founded in 1949 as a premiere arts institution. So people who are seeking admission to the higher education based on arts can give preference to this university.

University of Advanced Technology: A private institution of great values, this university is ranked number five in all AZ universities. If you are interested in pursuing higher education related to the field of technical studies then consider giving University of Advanced Technology a thought. It is located in Tempe, Arizona.

Western International University: Owned privately by the Apollo group, this university makes a name among all AZ universities for its quality evening programs and the athletic department. If you are a working professional you can prefer evening programs here. It is ranked number 6 on the list.

Arizona Christian University: Ranked as the 7th best among all AZ universities this university is located in Phoenix, Arizona and was founded in 1959. It is very popular among the people of the Arizona state. This university is known for providing quality education and they are growing day by day.