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7 Top Psychology Universities

Published at 04/02/2012 22:43:04


Getting the best education is one of the steps towards a successful career. For many wanting to pursue their dream careers, knowing which institutions offers the best education is important. Here is a ranking of 7 top psychology universities.

Stanford University has been ranked first among the top psychology universities. Stanford university psychology department offers students excellent training meant to help them learn to understand human behavior using various scientific methods. For anyone hoping to kick start a career in psychology, top psychology universities like Stanford are the place to go. Their program is meant to lay a very strong foundation which you can build on.


The University of California Berkeley is also another of the top psychology universities. The psychology school was established in 1965 with the aim of providing comprehensive education in psychology and related disciplines to prepare them for a wide variety of psychology related jobs. Its psychology program is also accredited by the American Psychological Association making it one of the top psychology universities and so you need not worry about the quality of education.


The prestigious Harvard University makes it to the list of top psychology universities. Harvard’s psychology department has a long history of an excellent faculty and boasts of a number or globally recognized researchers in the field of psychology. The University’s faculty consists of an elite class of lecturer whose experience in the discipline is invaluable to any student wishing to take up psychology as a career.

The University of Cambridge UK offers a unique field of study in psychology. Named experimental psychology, the program dates back more than a century and boast of a psychology lab meant to study psychophysics which is the relation between physical stimuli and experienced sensations. This sets it apart from other institutions offering clinical psychology and makes it one of the top psychology universities. The University has continued to produce students who move on to various prominent positions in the field of psychology and related disciplines. The university offers undergraduate, masters and doctor of philosophy courses in research psychology.

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The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), whose bachelor degree in psychology is among the most popular making it one of the top psychology universities. The university’s psychology department aims at studying and explaining normal or abnormal animal behavior including psychological neural and cognitive processes using a set of particular variables. It offers a choice between psychology, psychobiology and cognitive science programs. A number of specialization courses like cognition, motivation, personality and social psychology are offered.

The university of Melbourne psychology department is highly regarded all over the world. Learning is centered on research based methodologies in a range of fields in psychology including cognitive behavioral and quantitative psychology. It ranked third among the top psychology universities in terms of the quality of research and all its programs are accredited.

McGill University Canada completes the list of the top psychology universities. It is built on the university’s’ reputation of providing the best education to it students. It is manned by and outstanding faculty commanding respect in the discipline due to their achievement in psychological research.