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5 Top Universities Psychology

Published at 04/03/2012 21:18:30


People say that the mind is too complicated to understand. It is the mind and the behaviour that sets us apart from the others. However, complex it may be, we can still study and understand it since it plays a very important role in our daily lives.

A lot of students today take up psychology as their major. Indeed, it is an interesting subject, studying how the complexity of the human mind works. There are also a lot of college universities to choose from when you’re taking up a degree in psychology. Researching about top psychology universities is a hard work, especially when there are a lot of sites indicating their different choices of top universities psychology. Fortunately, QS education network has listed their 5 top psychology universities to narrow down the search.


Harvard University – United States

Studying Psychology actually started at the near end of the 19th century in Harvard University by the philosopher William James. Since then, the university has its reputation as the top choice for taking up psychology degree. The university has emphasized that the field of psychology is one of the most important course in the university and it is one of the university’s most popular courses.

Overall, the Harvard University is ranked as number one in top psychology universities. It scored high in both academic reputation and also known to have plenty of citations received.

University of Cambridge – United Kingdom

In this university, it aims to provide a different approach of teaching their students in the field of psychology. It exceeds the usual practice of teaching students through the use of textbooks and academic studies.

The University of Cambridge may not be ranked as number one in top psychology universities, but it is surely ranked as the highest with regards to its reputation among the employers. Most of their students are now employed in high positions relating to the psychology.


Stanford University – United States

This university offers an education that can outperform other research universities. They offer psychology course for both undergraduate and graduate levels. Moreover, they have five different areas of psychological study namely developmental, cognitive, affective science, neuroscience, and social psychology. Due to this, Stanford University is ranked as the second in the academic aspect among the world’s top psychology universities.

University of Oxford

Oxford University is indeed a well-known university for it is one of the oldest universities and a highly reputable for their academic achievement. However, in the field of psychology, it is ranked as fourth in top psychology universities but still a good position. They provide wide variety of library resources to satisfy the needs of the student for better research outcomes.

Studying psychology in Oxford University involves plenty of practices and experimentation. There are two degrees of psychology in Oxford, BA in Experimental Psychology and BA in Psychology & Philosophy.

University of California, Berkeley – United States

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) provides an up-to-date method in imparting learnings to their students in the psychology department. Though it is ranked as the fifth in the top psychology universities that is listed by the QS education network, still this university provides a high quality of education not only in psychology but also in other departments.

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Knowing the world’s top universities psychology can help you decide what university to apply to by knowing which university gives you the learnings that you wanted.