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There are lots of universities situated in Sydney Australia. The most famous among all will be the focus of discussion in this article. University of Sydney is the oldest university in the Sydney universities which was established in 1850. It is most famous due to the excellent teaching quality and education produced in this institute. It is also famous due to the fact that it is engaged in many active and excellent research projects. The University of Sydney was one of two Australian universities which was placed in the top 50 universities in the world In the Newsweek global 100 for 2006. The University’s humanity is also very famous. It attained fifth rank in the world best UK’s Times Higher Education.


There are almost 33,000 students currently getting education in University of Western Sydney (UWS) Sydney, NSW. It is considered as one of the Australia’s largest university. From 70 different countries over 2,800 international students is getting knowledge there. These students are selected on yearly basis from different countries. A modern, sophisticated and cosmopolitan leading provider of education in Australia is Macquarie University Sydney. It is also one of the all well-known Sydney universities. Including 4,000 international students almost 24,000 students are getting knowledge there. Outstanding academic achievement is the reason of this universities pride.


A Sydney university which is famous for its professional career focused education is named as the University of Technology, Sydney. It has the pride of being as one of the best universities in Australia. Most internationally recognized degrees are provided by this university. A Sydney university which is internationally accepted is known as University of Canberra Canberra-ACT, ACT. On it’s the Canberra Campus it has a population from over 80 countries worldwide. In countries such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam this university also offer few programs for students. A Sydney university which has the reputation of Australia’s pre-eminent business school is known as Australian Graduate School of Management. Suite of MBA and Executive Programs are offered by this university.

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A Sydney university which has the national university of international standing is known as Charles Strut University. It is providing state-of-the-art facilities in the areas like industry and much more. It provides a complete commitment with graduates who embrace learning and change. A Sydney university which aims to be a dynamic learning community is known as Southern Cross University. Lifelong quest for knowledge, skills and wisdom provides the basis for learning. They also provide scholarships. Their aim is to provide the continuous improvement in knowledge and quality of teaching. Based on the knowledge they provide they offer complete flexibility in learning Based on the knowledge. A Sydney university which was first Australian university but now it is a New England university named as University of New England. It was established outside the capital city of Australia. It was established in 1920. Australia's great teaching, training and research universities are the core reasons for its popularity. Many in senior positions in Australia and overseas are now holding UNE qualification degree.

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