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Before getting into the detailed discussion of Loyola University first we will describe one of the most well-known universities in Loyola. Loyola University is one of the Loyola universities which are situated in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It is a private Jesuit university. It was established in 1870. First was known as St. Ignatius College. But now it is one of the universities in the United States and also considered as the largest Jesuit University there. According to the survey conducted in September 12, 2011 it includes almost 16,040 students in this university who are getting knowledge there. This largest university has total six campuses. Main campus of this university is situated in Baltimore. However the Academic distribution gives total three schools. These three schools named as the Loyola School of Education, Loyola College of Arts and Sciences, and the Sellinger School of Business and Management.


Loyola Marymount University (LMU) which also came in the list of Loyola universities. It is located in Los Angeles, California, United States. It is a private Roman Catholic university which is representing Jesuit and Marymount traditions very well in their best manner. It is a comprehensive co-educational institution. It is considered as one out of five Marymount institutions of higher education in Loyola. It was established in in 1911. It acts as the successor to two colleges. First is St. Vincent's College which was established in 1865 and second is, Marymount College which was established in 1933. The basics of Marymount College were found in the Marymount School which was established in 1923.


Loyola University Maryland is another university for higher education in the list of Loyola universities. It is also considered as the ninth oldest university in the ranking of colleges which are present in the United States. It is a Jesuit private university which is situated in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It is also considered as a Roman Catholic university. The founders for this university were John Early and eight other members who were also the member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. This committee was based on 28 members.

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Loyola University New Orleans is another university which is attaining a great rank in the list of Loyola Universities. It is one of the Loyola Universities which is considered as one of the most prominent Loyola University. It is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. It is considered as a co-educational, private, and Jesuit University. First it was known as the Loyola College which was established in 1904. First this university gets huge charity in 1912. This university is maintaining its position in society as very well-known Jesuit Colleges and Universities among all which are situated in united stated. This university is based on 28 members in there faculty. According to the recent survey conducted it is considered as one of the largest Jesuit universities which are situated in the southern United States. This university has total 5000 students and these intelligent students are getting knowledge under this institution.

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