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Published at 04/03/2012 19:58:37


These days many universities across the United Kingdom and the world are holding
dancing competition on their campuses. This is partly due to the popularity of
dance shows on television which are hugely successful. For example some of the
most popular dancing shows on television at the moment are: Dancing With The
Stars, Dancing Nation, Strictly Dancing and Live to Dance. Many of the students of
universities dance extremely well and want a place to display their skills. This is why
many of the clubs and societies on the campuses of universities are holding dancing


Strictly Dancing is a very popular television show which is shown on the Australian
ABC television network. The show’s format is that there are three judges who
give a score to each of the competitors. The score is out of 10 and the competitor
receiving the highest score wins the show and the prize money. There are many types
of universities dance shows which feature many different types of dance. Dance
can be basically described as a form of art which involves some level of moment to
music. Although, not all dance requires music. Dancing is something what we see
in nature as shown by the mating dancing of several animals such as in bees. It is no
wonder that so much of dance is related to love and romance. Students like to go to
universities dance shows as they are very entertaining to watch.


In the United Kingdom there is a large population of South Asian students and
so these students tend include dance moves and styles which are from their home
countries. Newcastle University has held many dance shows in the past years. In 2009
there was a very successful dance show held at Newcastle University which features
many talented dancers. Newcastle is not along in holding these types of events. Many
universities have official union societies which include dance societies. One of my
most popular universities dance societies is the Swing Dance Society. Some of the
universities also have dance programmes which are usually under there performing
arts department. The great thing about student dance societies is that it allows the
universities to promote extra-circular activities for their students.

Tips and comments

At the moment there are many kinds of dancing that can be seen at universities dance
shows. For example some of the styles of dance seen at the International Grand
Festival included: swing dance, solo dance, group dance, break dance, and bhangra.
The universities dance competitions is something that should be promoted all over
the world and it would be excellent to have inter-universities competitions much in
the same way that sport teams compete. Dancing is a great way to exercise, relax and
push yourself to achieve. Dancing requires lots of practices and concentration and can
be a lot harder then its looks. Some of the world’s best dancers have to practice for
several hours every day to achieve the perfection that we see on the television screens.
Group dancing is a great way to learn how to work in a team especially when you
have to do synchronized dancing.