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Published at 04/03/2012 13:38:15


Pakistan universities are dotted throughout the country and are highly accessible to all students in Pakistan and beyond. These universities offer undergraduate and post-graduate studies and the enrollment process in very simple. What you need to know about Pakistan Universities include the names of top universities, study requirements and study programs offered.


In Pakistan there are more than twenty universities and colleges that offer post-graduate and undergraduate academic programs. The top ten universities are University of the Punjab, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Aga Khan University, University of Karachi, National University of Science and Technology, University of engineering & Technology Lahore, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University, NED University of Engineering and Technology as well as Government College University Lahore. These universities are either run by the state or private institutions like churches.


It is very simple to apply for studies at any of the Pakistan Universities. The application process is done online or you can download and complete an application form which you can hand deliver, fax or email to the University of your Choice. In most cases Pakistan universities gives you a choice of three study programs and the university will offer you one program from your preferred list depending on the requirements. The information required when completing the application form include your personal details, country of origin, highest level of education attained, your preferred area of study and the source of study fees. The application form together with the supporting documents such as copy of your identity document, copy of high school certificate, copy of your curriculum vitae and reference letter sin case of mature entry and a non-refundable application fee is submitted to the university’s admission department.

The main academic requirements when applying for a study program at any University in Pakistan is high school education except on mature entries where employment experience is required. Also, these universities offer full time, part-time and distance education or online study programs. Other information such as the fee structure for the study programs, physical location and contact details of these universities, enrolment capacity, accommodation facilities and foreign students’ requirements are easily accessible on each university’s website.

The areas of studies common to all the universities are arts and humanities, Business & Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine & Health, Science & technology as well Language & Cultural Studies. These areas of studies are offered through different faculties where each faculty has its own qualification requirements. Again, Pakistan Universities offer certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees. However, it is important to further enquire with the University of your Choice in terms of what they offer because some universities do not offer other level of qualifications like doctorate degrees. These study programs have a specific completion period of time, for example bachelor degrees are studied in a period of three, four or five years.

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Pakistan Universities offer top undergraduate and post-graduate studies that are recognized world-wide. If you want to further your education and get a career related qualification, Pakistan Universities provide the best education.