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About Minnesota Universities And Colleges

Published at 04/04/2012 12:01:52


Universities and colleges in Minnesota offer undergraduate and postgraduate academic studies to both local students and students from abroad. They provide post high school studies that are career based and the entry requirements are either high school level education or mature entry. The important information to know about Minnesota Universities and colleges are their names, location, contact details, study programs offered, study fees, recruitment procedures as well as pre-entry requirements.


Minnesota is located in United States and has many universities and colleges that offer tertiary education to United States citizens and foreigners. The top universities and colleges in Minnesota are University of Minnesota, Carleton College, Minnesota State University, University of St. Thomas, Mayo Medical School, College of Saint Benedict, Macalester College, Hamline University, St Olaf College and St Cloud State University, just to mention but a few.

Minnesota Universities and colleges offer different academic qualifications which are certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and bachelor degrees, associate degrees, masters’ degrees and doctorate degrees. Undergraduate degrees include degree in Accounting, Law, Management and Marketing, degree in information technology, Degree in mathematics, medicine and engineering, the list is endless. These study programs are offered through different faculties and schools which are faculty of commerce, Arts and humanities, Language and cultural studies, medicine and Health, Engineering, faculty of law as well as science and Technology. Minnesota Universities and colleges have a variety of study areas which you can choose from in relation to your career path.


The application and enrollment procedures are very simple. Student enrollment is done through theses universities and colleges’ student admissions departments. In each case you are required to complete and submit an application form which states your personal details and country of origin, preferred area of study, academic qualifications as well as the source of study fees. The form is submitted to the admissions department by post, hand delivering or email together with supporting documents. The documents required include a copy of your identity document, copy of academic certificates and a non-refundable application fee. In case of mature entry, a detailed curriculum vitae and reference letter will be mandatory. Also, a study permit is required for foreign students.

The degree and other study programs offered by Minnesota universities and colleges are full time, part-time, distance education and online studies. The programs are studied over a specified period of time, for example bachelor degrees are studied over three, four or five years depending on each degree program. Other information about Minnesota universities and colleges such as study fees, physical location and contact details, student enrollment capacity as well as a detailed list of study programs offered are readily available each university or college’s website. The study fees charged to full time students mainly include accommodation and food expenses.

Tips and comments

Minnesota universities and college are run by the state or private organizations. Again, these universities assist students in applying for government grants or any other study loans available. If you are looking forward to study with a university or college that offers top class tertiary education which is recognized world-wide, you should enroll with any university or college in Minnesota.