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When it comes to higher education, you won’t find a stronger state for this than North Carolina or NC. North Carolina is a state that is located in the southeastern part of the United States of America. You will be able to find all sorts of colleges and universities in NC from small liberal arts colleges to large research universities. NC has something to offer to every student who wishes to study there. If rural campus is your cup of tea then you will be able to find many in NC, the same goes for urban campuses.


Today, there is a large number of colleges and universities in NC. However, it wasn’t always like this. The first public university in the US, the University of North Carolina, was opened in NC in the year 1795. This university is now known as the University of North Carolina and it is located at Chapel Hill. Two hundred years later, the University of North Carolina system encompasses seventeen public universities. A number of popular historical African-American colleges as well as universities are also supported by the system. Apart from the public universities in North Carolina, there are about fifty eight community colleges in the NC community college system. Fun Fact: At present, the biggest university in NC is the North Carolina State University. This renowned university has more than thirty four thousand students at present.

How to enroll

There are plenty of universities in NC and since it is obvious that you cannot enroll yourself in all the universities, therefore you will have to make up your mind and select a university. Now, the task of selecting a university should not be taken lightly after all it is a matter of your career. The best way to find out more about universities in NC is to go online and conduct some research online. You can look for “top 10 universities in NC” or ‘top 5 universities’ or so in order to get relevant information.

Possible options

If you are looking to enroll yourself in a public university then a recommendation that you can consider would be Appalachian State University. Located in Boone, this university offers 140 major programs and a 17:1 student/faculty ratio. To find out about the test scores, costs, acceptance rate and other information about the university, you can go to its official website.

If you want to study in a private university in NC then a good option would be Elon University. Located in North Carolina, this is a private university that offers close to six thousand enrollments. The good thing about this university is that it has an attractive campus complete with a designated botanical garden, good student engagement efforts and strong pre-professional programs.

If you need help with selecting a college for yourself in North Carolina then you should also speak to a student counselor or someone whom you know who is aware of this subject. Recommendations from the people you know like friends and family members are best in comparison to the recommendations available online. Also keep in mind that the reputation of the college is another important deciding factor.

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