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A career choice is a determining factor in the course that your future life will take. It is a process that should be undertaken with great care since whatever choice you make good or bad will stick with you forever. Law is among the career choices you can choose from. It is a profession that is well known and respected all over the world. However due to its popularity and demand it has opened doors to many institutions that offer substandard university law programmes. Therefore when choosing the school make an informed choice. Some of the top five universities worldwide that offer the best universities law programmes are as follows.

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Harvard University is ranked as the top worldwide university offering universities law programmes. Established in 1636 Harvard University is a private Ivy League research institution located in the United States of America in Cambridge Massachusetts. It has attained many recommendations all over the world and attaining a certificate from this institution is not enough. Yourself as a law practitioner should leave to uphold its standards.



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The University of Oxford is the second ranked universities law institution. It is located in oxford in the United Kingdom. The University of Oxford is considered the best law school in the UK. It has a large faculty comprising of 90 members who hold posts and over 50 other faculty members hence giving it the ability to effectively provide its services.

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Third ranked in the University of Cambridge. Located in the united kingdom in the city of Cambridge, the university of Cambridge has continued to provide both its local and foreign students with world class universities law programs. It has a wide range of law courses to choose from and its programs are accredited and recognised worldwide. This gives the university the international touch that it deserves.

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Yale University is ranked as the fourth best universities law institution in the world. Located in New Haven in the United States Yale University is among the few institutions that have a comprehensive outlet system. It has over 684 institutions each offering a wide range of universities law courses. It has an academic average of 60.5 and a 31.7 mean on employment rate hence providing both jobs and knowledge. It is famed for being acquainted to some of the top names in the US including three US presidents.


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Fifth ranked universities law institution is the university of Stanford. The University of Stanford is a world class institution located in Silicon Valley California in the United States. Just as Yale University, Stanford University is committed to provide law programs to the greatest number of people. It has about 573 institutions scattered across the country each providing accredited law programs. Stanford University has been on the fore front of academic excellence producing prominent people in the judicial system of the United States such as the Supreme Court justice Sandra Connor.



Generally law institutions offering the best universities law programs are many and cannot be exhausted. However if you are bright student then enrol to any of the best five above and begin the exciting law study journey.

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