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How To Find Jobs in Universities


Universities offer many jobs starting from lower level such as attendants to higher level such as professors or vice chancellor. Some of the jobs in universities are only for the student under work and study programs. While other positions are open for everyone with right skill and experience. Finding jobs in universities is not an easy task, but still University job is ideal for some people as it offers tuition assistance, health insurance, discount on special activities.

Step 1

Finding jobs in universities, the first step is to determine your professional goals. If you are a student and needs a job, the best way Is to find a part-time job in your university. Many universities offer work and study programs that are for the benefit of the students. Under this program students who are not financially strong, can work for university while studying and are paid for that. Like this students can support their studies. This is a good way to earn while finishing your degree and will also add up to your experience.

Step 2

The best way to find jobs in universities is these days through Internet. Many universities have automated their jobs search so that applicants can easily search for its website and apply. The first step is to get familiar with the university website. Many larger universities have search filters that filter your search according to job vacancy, department, job qualification, and salary range.

Step 3

The next step is to use the correct search. Many universities have organized vacancies for external and internal applicants. External applicants are fresh applicants that are new for the university, while internal vacancies are for the employees of universities as well as for the students studying in those universities under work and study program. Another important step that’s helps to find jobs in universities is to check for vacancies on daily basis. Sometimes your ideal vacancy may come with a small window of time for applications. So frequent checking for new jobs will increase chances for your right opportunity and you can find your perfect job in universities.

Step 4

Some universities ask you to register on university job website in order to submit your resumes, coverage letters, and other personal information for jobs in universities online. This registration involves a username and password. Next step is to find job posting for which you are qualified. You need to give close attention to the job description, skills required, experience, and travel requirement.

Step 5

You need to read carefully the application procedures. Each department in a university may have different process for accepting applications. Like an administrative department may ask you to give an on-campus typing test while faculty positions you need to submit your resume with a coverage letter. Submit correctly your personal information, your contact number as well your mailing address

Tips and Comments

Another way of finding a job in universities is through job sites through websites posting job vacancies. You need to search for a job on daily basis. Some websites have options to filter your search for different post. Such websites asks you to register yourself and submit your resume. You then have to apply for the jobs. You will be contacted through email notifications for further short listing.

Another way of searching jobs in universities is through newspaper. All you need is to read carefully the job postings and apply if you are eligible for the post. When university advertises jobs in newspaper they ask you to submit your testimonials and documents with complete attestation through courier. If you were shortlisted they will contact you on your mobile number or through currier. Even if you are in the job, don’t stop applying or searching for other jobs because you can find even a better and ideal job.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/05/2012
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