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A college and university education is something that is essential in today’s world where the recession is still going on and people need to be increasingly skilled in order to get a chance to secure a decent job to support themselves and those they love. Choosing the correct university or college is an important decision in one’s life especially because of the increased variety of colleges and universities that exist today. Some colleges and universities are undoubtedly better than others but that does not mean that someone who attends a university that is ranked lower is destined to stay unemployed. The association of colleges and universities with those better than it is something that can put a lower ranking university or college significantly above others. They allow a prospective student who was not able to attain a position with the acclaimed university or college to attend a university or college affiliated with it.


Association of colleges and universities benefit students as well as the college or universities involved in them as they allow education of a standard to be provided to an increased number of students wishing to seek it. This is undoubtedly a great advantage and one that has revolutionized the education industry. But some colleges and universities may form an association with other colleges and universities in order to form a stance against issues of mutual benefit for say, against the policy making government. They can unite to oppose policies made by the government that do not favor them. Association of colleges and universities thus can prove to be beneficial, even between rival universities and colleges. Issues in the education industry can range widely from government bans on increasing fees to specific requirements by the government to be met before hiring an instructor.


Having an association of colleges and universities serves a dual purpose, as mentioned to students and the establishments themselves. An association of colleges and universities can provide a single and united voice for universities within a common territory. Common territory can be a single city, province or even a country. But obviously an association of colleges and universities within a city would be easier to make as compared to one between a province or a country but a task which one sets mind to is never impossible to attain or achieve, it is just about setting the right goal or aim and then applying the correct strategy to achieve it.

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Good strategies with direct aims to be achieved never fail those who make and then implement them. Making the right strategy is not a difficult task and all that is required is first of all clearly defining the purpose so you know what you want to achieve. The next step is simply identifying possible methods to achieve the stated goal and picking the one that is best suited to your needs. Lastly, you just need to stick to the carefully thought plan and stick it out through the end, until you realize that you have chosen the wrong path, or until you achieve your goal.

By Qasim Ali, published at 04/05/2012
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