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Published at 04/05/2012 22:57:13


When it comes to college and universities, you must be wondering how fast the kids grow up, before you know it, it is time to pack their bags and send them off to a great college or university and let them make their own life. Obviously, like all parents you want your child to go to a good university and fulfill his or her dreams and make the most of their lives. Many states have good places to choose from but Oklahoma is one of the finest places to send your kids. 


Tulsa, Oklahoma has a number of good colleges and universities for the students to enroll into. Tulsa is located in the foot hills of the mountains of Ozark, on the Arkansas River which makes it an absolutely beautiful location to visit and stay at. Lush greenery, developed city life, small towns and neighborly people is what makes Tulsa a place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.


With around fourteen Tulsa universities and colleges, the place can be pretty interesting in both terms of education and enjoyment. More Tulsa universities mean more fellow students to mingle and socialize with and to ask for help when it is exam time. One of the best Tulsa universities includes the University of Tulsa abbreviated to TU, which is a private university. They have programs that accept students at bachelor’s, masters and doctoral levels after a series of admission tests and interviews. One of the things that make Tulsa universities and the university of Tulsa stand out is that it is associated with the Presbyterian Church of the country of America. Most parents are reassured once they learn about this historical affiliation and that is what the university really prides themselves on.

They are known all over the world for having some of the best programs to offer to the students such as chemical engineering, computer science, distinguished English programs, clinical, organizational and industrial psychology, natural sciences and many other disciplines. They pride themselves upon employing the best of the best and there is a strict criterion for admissions as well. They also have a law school division which is one of the rare schools to focus on Native American law abiding rules and regulations which makes it rater unique. the University of Tulsa upholds its reputation in being one of the finest schools in the state with 45 Goldwater scholarships being awarded to students since ’95.

Tips and comments

If you are hesitant about the University of Tulsa, perhaps a good idea would be to log onto the Internet and visit their official website. The website has all kinds of information and can help you with any issue that you might have regarding their various schools or policies.