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5 Best Rank Universities


Coming up with the best rank universities has been a very demanding process. Due to the diversification in courses, universities will differ in quality. Universities are ranked according to the education quality, services and facilities for creating a conducive atmosphere for the student. In the world today there are many organizations which have come in making a list of top universities in different universities. It can be said that a proper way of determining the best universities in the word has not been achieved. Those who have done it have tried to give a list of rank universities based on some factors which are not limited to; quality of courses, facilities for learning, the popularity and students review.


To rank universities in the world to day will need to consider some criteria and apply it uniformly. This is tie consuming and research can take time as the information is gathered. Universities are spread in all the continents of the world giving education in different fields. Every university has its own standards of education. If the best listing was to be obtained ,then researchers could take the universities by the various disciplines they offer.


The QS rank universities has tried to came up with a list that can be used by students in deciding which path to take. The universities listen in the QS,present different educational opportunities to students from all places in the world. The methodology of selecting has revealed that universities in the united kingdom, Australia and china among other places make top of the list. In 2011 QS did the ranking and came up with a list of the best universities in the world.

Tips and comments

The rank universities list was based on their academic performance and reputations, the different employer reputations, the ratio of students to staff from the different universities, the number of international students and reputation and citations from different faculties in the universities.

In QS rank universities ,Cambridge university of the united kingdom ranked best all over the world. The university attracts students from all walks of life. its buildings are modern and beautiful. Cambridge has a clear outstanding quality of education. It has varied courses which have been voted as showing the highest academic achievements. It is the largest university in the United Kingdom. Reviewers and external examiners have admitted that the university deserves top of the list. Research carried out in the university meets world class. The rich resources ranging from the libraries to exclusive student facilities also support the fact.
The second in QS rank universities, is Harvard university in the united states. Being the oldest institution of learning in the united states has continued to offer quality in research and education. The university attracts from all the world.

The third on the QS listing is the Massachusetts tech institute. It also appears in the list as the best university in the field of engineering.

Fourth is the Yale university of the united states of America. It is popularly known for the degrees of medicine.
Fifth is the oxford University of the united kingdom. The two countries uk and USA have dominated in the best education quality allover the word.QS rank universities have listed over 400 best universities in the world.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 04/06/2012
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