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Web Universities have been ranked through different criteria in the world today. Coming up with the best listing of Web Universities has been time consuming and ahs taken the efforts of many people.throgh concerted efforts, the list has been complied.


A real benchmark for determining the listing of the Web Universities has taken time to arrive at. There has been a long concern of the beneficiaries of the information which is provided by the Web Universities.students, parents and other people wanting to pursue education have been helped very much. A criteria of how different Web Universities interaction with others has been chosen as the basis of coming up with the list of the best universities. There has been a measure of the interaction level between different universities with other educational institutions.


In the 2010 Web Universities selection and ranking of the universities was based on different institutions social activities which led to the coming up of the list of the best Web Universities in the world. The Google indicator for scholars was not considered because of the many people who use it under the arguments that it cant give the best listing.

Many universities would like to pay heaven and earth to improve their ranking on the Web Universities chart in the world today. There are arguments that universities could continue paying to improve their positions on the list which is not acceptable. A clear and open system is advocated to other methods of making the list which would be corrupted along the way. Open ranking will remove any doubts from any educational institution. Arriving at the top Web Universities has taken time though the criteria is very much fruitful. This has been voted as the best way to come up with the best Web Universities ranking has led to many complaints from different university has having control over the listing. Many people can give false information and thus leading to wrong listing.

Tips and comments

In coming up with the 2009 ranking Web Universities showed great similarity with the other methods of coming up with best universities list. This makes the method more preferable and as authentic. Regardless of the methodologies used in ranking of different universities, there is always a common answer to the results obtained. Different indicators are used to come up with the best universities list in the world. The criteria has received wide criticism from many since there lacks a common bench mark of comparing one university to another. The ranking of universities will continue being less accurate since not every one agrees with the different methods based on determining the top list. Until there is a consensus is reached on a universally accepted way, the results will always remain biased in many cases.

The open archives initiative has presented rather a fairer way of doing Web Universities listing. This method can be considered as the best compared to the other ways of bench marks. This is a transparent way of coming up with a non biased list which can help students, parents ,guardians and other people in coming up with the best list for their educational needs. Listing of universities in the world still lacks a universal criteria.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 04/06/2012
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