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5 Top Us Universities And Colleges


University and college education in the United States of America (US) is regarded as one of the best education in the world. The study programs offered by top universities and colleges in US are recognized world-wide, thus it is actually an honor to hold a degree, certificate, diploma, or doctorate from such universities and colleges.


The top 5 US Universities and Colleges are Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale, Columbia, and California Institute of Technology. These universities and colleges are also among the top tertiary education schools in the world. They offer undergraduate and post-graduate studies such as bachelor degrees, masters’ degrees, certificates, diplomas, and doctorate degrees.


The top 5 universities and Colleges in US offer graduate studies in engineering, commerce, information technology, education studies, sciences, sociology, and law studies. In fact, these colleges have faculties that are responsible for offering different study programs. At Harvard University, for example, the faculty of commerce has bachelor degrees such as degree in Accounting, Economics, Management, and Marketing.

The application process to one of these universities and colleges is very simple. It is through the completion of an application form which you will submit to the student admissions department together with other requirements such as a non-refundable fee, high school certificate as well as a detailed curriculum vitae and reference letters in case of mature entry students. Applying for any study program can be done online or in person by visiting the university. In some cases, you can be asked to undergo an admission interview or standardized tests depending on the program that you want to study and its level. This helps the admissions department to choose the best candidate in relation to each area of study.

Top 5 US Universities and Colleges are either run by the government or private organization. The information regarding the study fees per each study program is readily available on each university or college’s website. These universities offer government funded grants to students to cover study fees, accommodation, food, and other related costs. If you are interested in studying at one of the top 5 Universities and Colleges in the US but do not a firm source of income to pay for the fees, government grants and student loans are ideal for you. The total amount of school fees includes food and accommodation costs.

Universities and Colleges in the US have full time, part-time, distance education, and online study programs. This means they are able to enroll many students each academic year. The programs have specified study period like full time bachelor degrees are studied over a period of three, four or five years. Other information like the physical address of each university, contact details, directions, student enrollment system, detailed list of study programs, graduate schools as well as student enrollment capacity are readily available on each university or college’s website.

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The top 5 US Universities and Colleges provide world class tertiary education to US Citizens and foreigners. These universities and colleges are the best, if you want to further your academic studies and obtain career based education.

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