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Top 5 Universities That Provide Distance Learning

Published at 07/14/2011 23:39:40

 Lately, Distance Learning has been recognized as a reliable source of education and is gaining momentum around the world because of its accessibility and equality in the learning experience compared to traditional universities. There is a plethora of subjects, diplomas and degrees offered by this new, amazing source of learning. Such universities help provide respite to students who have studied in regular universities away from home or just want a lighter schedule. It is also very suitable for people who have full-time jobs as such schools keep the convenience of the student in mind. Therefore, to make your choice easier, we have come up with the top five distance learning universities.

 Strayer University, USA is one of the top universities offering online as well as regular courses. This university offers courses to full-time working men and women. Kaplan University is another renowned university that offers distance learning to students all over the world. Their agenda is to emphasize on skills that can be utilized in real-life. Argosy University provides potential students with the liberty to choose the place they want to study from and the level of difficulty of the degree as well. Online classes are available around the clock so you can log in a class according to your convenience. Capella University is an excellent distance learning institution that has made the convenience of the students its priority. Students can access online material including assignments as well as class-room discussions online at any time. Devry University also comes under the cap of the top five distance learning universities. It offers Bachelors as well as Masters degree via online education.

 There are certain myths associated with distance learning universities. They are not considered as high-quality as the conventional ones. However, this is false since online students have an equal chance to be schooled by the best teachers and through the latest teaching methods such as multimedia, etc. Another misconception is that online degree holders are not very popular with employers because of the unreliability of their degrees. But the fact remains that online degrees from accredited universities around the globe are acceptable. Beware of online scams and sham universities disguised as registered ones. What is great about distance learning is that credit hours from an online course can be transferred to any conventional university provided the online university is registered with reputable organizations. Since, you are studying from home it does not mean that the studies are also easier. Some online universities might cater to individual needs but the courses are certainly not any easier than the regular schools.

Tips and comments:

 Along with all the perks, there are some downsides to online universities as well. They can be very expensive and hence, you need to keep your future in mind before enrolling yourself in such a school. You need to know whether you can pay the student loan off easily. You also do not have the regular class environment and thus, may not learn from your classmates as you can otherwise. Although online degrees are being accepted nowadays, there are still some people who resist the idea so be prepared for that. Last but not the least, choose your online university intelligently and check all the available courses and degrees before making your decision final.