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Top Private Louisiana Universities

Published at 02/06/2012 17:53:00

Louisiana - the top residence for learning

Louisiana's top educational institutions extend from a great public university to a minor, private arts academy. You have to go through online lists of top universities prior, to choose the best university to build up a safe future. Generally universities were selected by students based on features such as scholastic reputation, curricular novelty, economic aid etc. Louisiana is residence to lot of first class public as well as private universities. Top private Louisiana universities deliver undergraduate as well as graduate bachelor degree courses both in academic as well as professional level. These top Louisiana universities assure the students a bright career by offering skilled training as well as quality educational facilities. Some of the top standing private Louisiana universities are discussed below.

Tulane University and Loyola University New Orleans

Tulane University founded in 1834 is a private research university. The university presents an excellent performance with its 10 academies and schools. It offers high quality education to students in wide fields such as medicine, social work, architecture, law, business and much more. Now Tulane has recognized as the admired private Louisiana universities in the country as it offers educational courses over versatile disciplines. The athletic team of this top standing Louisiana University participated in NCCA Division I athletics. Writer John Kennedy and William Rehnquist the chief justice of Supreme Court are two reputed persons belonging to faculty members of the university. According to world rank list of 2010, Tulane University stands in 50th position.

Loyola University New Orleans founded in the year 1904 is another famous Jesuit university. The university provides undergraduate degree courses in about 21 disciplines and graduate courses in 7 subjects. The university conducts its programs through five colleges. Almost all topics such as business, social science, music, fine arts are handled by top faculties. The athletic team of this famous Louisiana University had competed in southern state athletic conference and holds 6th rank among southern universities that offer graduate programs.

Centenary College of Louisiana and Xavier University

Centenary College of Louisiana form one of the top private Louisiana universities located in Shreveport. Student capacity is 974 including undergraduates and graduates. Students from 12 countries are receiving their excellent studies with the top facilities of the university. Normally one faculty is provided for a batch of 11 students. Charitable funding aid is one of notable features. Xavier college of Louisiana University (XULA) is one of the best private Catholic Arts Universities. An innovative curriculum of science programs and arts is the main feature of this top institution.

Things to consider before choosing an educational institution

The above mentioned universities form only a small part of educational opportunities in Louisiana and there are many broad choices left unexplored. Several online sites are there to provide description of top colleges of Louisiana in detail. Exploring informative sites will help you to choose the right Louisiana Universities that satisfies your educational needs to its maximum extent. Always analyze each and every aspect such as college facilities, affordability and value of the courses before deciding to study abroad in order to ensure worth. Any way the place of Louisiana forms an excellent option to fulfill your educational dreams and to develop your career goals.