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History Of Indiana Universities

Published at 07/17/2011 23:01:55

Indiana University Bloomington is a University which can be used by the public for research. Bloomington is the most reputable of the many Indiana Universities. Since it is the main University it is often referred to in short as IU or Indiana. Of late, however, more and more people have been referring to it as Indiana Unversity.

Last year, Indiana University was given a ranking of 90 worldwide and 50 in the United States of America by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. In the year 2001, Time Magazine gave this University the Accolade of the "2001 College of the Year" for being the best American College of that year. Indiana University Bloomington figures among the list of 61 leading Universities in America dedicated to research. Apart from this, Indiana University has over one hundred academic programs which have been ranked among the top twenty in the United States of America.

The tenth Annual Newsweek Kaplan College guide which appeared as a part of the Aug 22, 2005 edition of Newsweek had selected Indiana University as the "Hottest Big State School" and had lavished praise on this college for having successfully combined tradition while keeping abreast of the latest technologies.

Among the other accolades, that this University has been bestowed with is the one given by the January 2011 edition of Kiplinger's Personal Finance which had ranked this college as the 30th best among colleges in USA with good values.

Going further, USA Today had described Indiana University as among the top ten most student friendly colleges in towns with a cumulative population of less than one million people. Indiana University has also kept itself abreast of the latest technologies which has resulted in the Princeton Review and PC magazine describing it as the one of the top five techno-savvy Universities in USA.

As far as the demography of the student population of this University is concerned, in the year 2010, there were about 1850 students who were African Americans, about 1450 students who were Spanish origin and about 100 who were of Indian origin, settled in the USA. The percentage of male students was only slightly more than that of women students. About seventy percent students were from the State of Indiana. Students from more than one hundred and sixty countries of the world have been enrolled in Indiana University.

What is notable about Indiana University is apart from studies, there are a lot of extra-curricular acitivies to keep the students constructively engaged. There is also a Greek system on the campus, of which about 20 percent of undergraduates are a part.

Indiana University was founded inthe year 1920 by the State Government of Indiana and this University came to be described as the "State Seminary". Its first location was at a place which has now been called as the Seminary Square park which is situated at the intersection of College Avenue and Second Street.

Tips and comments:

There is no doubt, that this University which had humble origins, has made huge commendable strides in the academic world and is now in the league of the topmost Universities of USA, with a successful amalgamation of tradition with modernity.