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Do You Know That How Many Colleges And Universities in City ?

Published at 02/05/2012 19:31:30


It is funny how your life changes in a matter of years. When you are young summers are supposed to be the best time of the year as they only mean one thing “summer vacations”. However as you get older and approach you last year of High School your life takes a complete 360 turn. The meaning of summer vacation completely change from having pool parties, lemonade stalls and garage sales to just college applications. The hunt for good colleges and universities in your area is perhaps one of the hardest things that you have to do in your whole life. Your whole life depends upon it. When you go for a job interview the first thing that they see even before your GPA is the college in university you came from. If you are a student of a university like HARVARD or MIT or Oxford, you land a job there and then. But it is not all that easy to find colleges and universities in the right place.


It is a weird time in the life of a student, searching for the perfect college in university that will not only compliment his budget but also guarantee him or her job after he or she graduates. There are many websites online that will tell you about various colleges and universities in your neighbourhood but there is so much information in just one website that you get overwhelmed and cannot choose the best college in university for yourself! It also depends upon your desired field of study. If you want to pursue your career in engineering then you can have a look around at some of these colleges and universities in your area.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the top ranked university of the world. The highest degree the university offers is of doctorate. Located in Cambridge, MA, the university is extremely famous for its schools of math, science and Engineering. Every year they get hundreds of thousands of applications however, only a handful of these students get selected. Apart from these degrees the university also offers services in fields like humanities, architecture, and management and social science programs. However, the university is mind numbingly expensive with a tuition fee of $40,732. It does have many scholarship programs but the most prestigious and the most deserving students are awarded those. The next on the list is the Stanford University located in Stanford, CA which is at a 30 miles drive from San Francisco. What makes this university different from other universities is that it has a very good research facility and its students are known for their research projects throughout the world. The third university on the list is the University of California which is located in Berkeley CA. The university is ranked number third and is known to be one of the best engineering schools of the world. The university enrolls around 25000 students and has more than 700 departments.

Tips and comments

Although these universities have been ranked as the top three colleges and universities in the world, the negative aspect about them is that they are ridiculously expensive. University of California is perhaps the most expensive of them all with a tuition fee of 11,767 just for the in state students. It gets impossible for students to afford them and because of that you might want to look for other options.