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Published at 02/05/2012 16:14:01


Looking for a good colleges in universities can be quite a job especially if you have no guidance. Choosing the perfect country or if you are based in US, the perfect state is very hard. The state of Washington is really famous for the colleges in universities in the state. If you are planning to do your undergraduate or the graduate degree from the colleges in universities in the state of Washington it is probably a good choice. Not only it has a good education system but also they are many extracurricular activities in the state.


Colleges in universities in the state of Washington offers a lot fields that you can do your undergraduate and graduate degrees in. The state has both state institutions and private institutions that offer both 2 year and 4 year degrees. Ranked as the top 10 university in Washington and 106th in the world, Washington State University is located in Pullman Washington in the region of Pacific Northwest. It is the state’s largest grant university. Although it has a variety of programs however, it is extremely famous for its chemical engineering, vetienary medicine, agriculture and even programs like architecture and neuroscience. The university has a very wide spread research program and it is famous throughout the world for it. It is just not limited to the State of Washington but has branches all over the US such as WSU Spokane, WSU Vancouver, and WSU Tri-cities. Not only that the university is famous for its online MBA program known as Distance Degree Program which caters to students all around the world. Just the online program caters to more than 26,000 students.


Get Information About Colleges in Universities

Another famous college in university in the state of Washington is the Whitman College located in Walla Walla. It is a privately owned liberal arts college. More than 1500 students are enrolled in its undergraduate programs which are usually 4 year long. It is ranked at number 16th in the list of colleges in universities and has around 40 fields just in the study of Arts. Moreover, the college in university in Whitman offers a great foreign policy for International Students. The Career Consultant Network of the college offers a great deal of information for the students interested as the students can interact with the alumni who will share their experience and provide you with the best guidance. Although it is a liberal arts college it offers various programs combined with other college in universities in US. For Example, it has a joint program with the California Institute of Technology. Both the universities offer a joint program in Engineering.

Tips and comments

Though these universities are great education vise however, they might be a bit expensive for international students. The combined expense of accommodation and tuition fee could be quite overwhelming for you. You might even have adjustment problems settling into a new state or even a country as many a time’s people are not that hospitable. Therefore it is advised to you to look for a colleges in university nearer to home or a place where you at least know someone already.