The Best Georgia Universities
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The Best Georgia Universities

Published at 02/05/2012 23:03:41


The Best Georgia Universities

University education is generally harbored as what paves the way for one’s future. Even though, the number of local citizens enrolled in the U.S. is steadily falling the number of international students is rising by the day. Hence, it’s essential for U.S. universities to provide and maintain high quality education along with other perks, like decent accommodation facilities for students. Every state in the U.S. has a considerable number of decent universities, but high quality and highly ranked ones are usually few in number.


A state university gets subsidies from the state. It is relatively cheaper than other universities within the United States of America. State universities are public university and consideration of public higher education was included in the earliest westward expansion of the US, with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. But it was the southern states where public funding of state colleges primarily began. The University of Georgia was the first chartered public university established in the year 1785. But the classes in the University of Georgia commenced 16 years later in the fall of 1801. Currently, there are almost 70 public and private universities operating in the State of Georgia with varying levels of educational standard and international rankings.


There are mainly just top five Georgia universities in Georgia out of total 70. The University of Georgia has 16 major colleges and mainly focuses on media in the form of sciences and arts. This University provides the renowned Peabody awards and grants to students who excel in their fields. The Georgia Institution of Technology is extremely significant in terms of ranking and deals with providing degrees in mainly architecture, business and government. Emory University has been mentioned in the U.S. News and World Report where it received a ranking as the 20th best university in the US in its ratings the "Best Colleges of 2011." The college's programs in social psychology, midwifery, African history, public health and biomedical engineering are ranked in the top 10. Georgia Universities and the University of West Georgia are both public institutions which commit to and provide superior quality under-graduate and graduate programs. University Of West Georgia has been named by the Princeton Review as one of American’s best value educational institutions an named as one of the best colleges in the south-east.

Tips and comments

In order, to improve international ranking Georgia universities must increase the educational standards. In order to do so, trained personnel must be employed to carry out an online research regarding the requirements of international ranking companies. Once these are established, the Georgia universities must aim to fulfill these requirements. Some of those many include hiring internationally qualified lecturers and improving the environment to increase commitment by students. Moreover, the selection process must be tough, as that will entail that elite student are admitted, increasing the Georgia universities standards and thus maintaining their superior ranking. Local students must also be enrolled and the living conditions for international students must be of high quality along with the provision of food and health facilities.