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How To Find Universities in Africa


Other issues that affect the African universities include political and economical turmoil that has rocked the continent since most of the countries gained independence. Most of these issues are their own making as they continue to grapple with the post-colonial repercussions. At the same time they are supposed to compete with the rest of the world on a level-playing field.


Step 1

When one is looking for universities in Africa they can use several methods of going about the task. One can search the universities in Africa through the following methods:

  • The country in which the particular university is located in.-this method will provide all the current universities in that particular country. The person conducting the search can then narrow down the search by going to the particular university they intend to get more information about.
  • Programs offered in particular universities in Africa-this search is based on the fact that some universities offer particular programs that make then unique. While particular universities offer both undergraduate and graduate programs other offer post graduate programs only.

Step 2

  • Online directories-with the current technological advancement most universities in Africa have online services. At the same time there are several sites such as that contains comprehensive directory of universities in Africa.
  • Regional search-Africa is divided in to several regions; there is the northern, southern west and eastern part of Africa. Knowing which part of the continent the universities in Africa that you are targeting for is important.

Step 3

Some universities in Africa by country include:


  • Addis Ababa University


  • Cairo University
  • American university of Cairo
  • Arab academy of science and technology
  • Alexandria university


  • University of Algiers
  • University of Annaba
  • Facullty of medicineAlgiers
  • University of Blida
  • University of Oran


  • University of Abomey
  • University of Parakou
  • BurundiUniversity of Mwaro
  • University of Burundi
  • University of Ngozi


  • Kwame Nkurumah University of science and technology-Kumasi
  • Ghana telecom University College
  • Methodist university of Ghana-Accra
  • Catholic university –Sunyani
  • University of Ghana-Accra


Step 4

Due to the increased needs of students and a growing population that is not always matched with learning facilities some universities in Africa are already facing overcrowding .This stretches the institutions capacities to offer quality education in the long run. Some of the public the universities in Africa have been forced to hold parallel programs in order to meet their financial obligations as they are underfunded by the government, others hold classes in the evenings and weekends due to the high number of students who cannot fit in the regular programs.


While universities in Africa are public others are private institutions of higher learning. Africa has witnessed rapid growth in institutions of higher learning recently due to the democratization process that has taken Africa by storm. Previously the only universities that were known in Africa were mostly public institutions of higher learning, this meant that most of the people who did not attain the high grades set by learning boards in respective countries failed to gain entry to the few universities in Africa. Some of these students had done comparatively well but the opportunities available in the public colleges were few thus higher marks were set every now and then. Today with the proliferation of private universities in Africa more students are able to access higher education

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