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Top 5 African Universities


There are many good African universities worth mentioning among the institutions that offer excellent education to their students. Unfortunately due to the perception that most people still hold about the African universities most of them still rank poorly whenever such activities are carried out. Some people have even argued that African universities are not even worth being ranked as doing so would be a waste of time and resources. What most of these people don’t know is that Africa is no longer the Dark Continent as considered previously. African has always been referred to as the sleeping giant due to the vast resources the continent contains but which is still unexploited, however this very continent has produced some of the most brilliant brains in the human history educated through the very African universities that are often looked down upon.

South Africa has some of the best African universities that are renowned the world over for offering the highest level of education and facilities to its students. The following top African universities include:


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  • University of Cape Town-South Africa
  • University of Pretoria-South Africa
  • Alexandria University -Egypt
  • Stellenbosch University -South Africa
  • Rhodes University -South Africa

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Part of the reason that South Africa has some of the best universities in the whole of Africa is that unlike most of the other states it has enormous resources. Other experts argue that the country was not exploited as much as most of the other African states by their colonizers. Most of the African states still continue to be exploited even today thus they hardly are able to offer much in terms of education.

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African universities are beset by huge challenges that at times hinder their ability to offer the best of the services they ought to offer. African universities were more or less carbon copies of the colonial masters that ruled the continent. This meant that the African universities began their educational endeavors on a wrong footing; we all know that one cannot climb a ladder leaning on the wrong wall and end up in the right destination.

Other issues that affect the African universities include political and economical turmoil that has rocked the continent since most of the countries gained independence. Most of these issues are of their own making as they continue to grapple with the post-colonial repercussions. At the same time they are supposed to compete with the rest of the world on a level-playing field.


Part of the problem with African universities is that it loses its best brains to the western universities. Many good students prefer to take further studies from Europe, America and Asia. A majority of these students never return home to improve their country with their intellectual capabilities as they choose to remain abroad. The Diaspora from Africa provides powerful intellectual resources in terms of research, technical advancement among others in the countries where they reside, however their country of birth benefits little. Africans have the resources to stop or at least slow down the brain drain the African universities will continue to lose the best brains that are crucial in scientific and technological advancement required to place them on top of the world.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/10/2012
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