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For working adults and stay-at-home parents, college may seem out of reach. It's not too late to earn your degree though. Online universities degrees programs provide a realistic solution that allows you to work toward your educational goals from your own home, when you have time. This gives busy people whom can't attend classes during the day the opportunity to work toward online universities degrees at nights or on the weekends.

Step 1

Research the school and the degree program online. Many online universities degrees are only useful if the school is accredited properly. While most online schools have some accreditation, verify that is the standard accepted for employment in your field of study. Most online universities degrees programs offered through standard state universities have the proper accreditation, although you may be required to take some classes or labs on campus. Find out how many classes must be taken in person and when they should be completed, so you can make plans well in advance to do so. Also, verify that the degree is exactly what you need to work in your field. For example, is the school offering an Associate's of Applied Science or a Bachelor's of Science degree? You may need a Bachelor's to actually qualify for the career you are studying for.

Step 2

Check with local universities to ensure any classes you take for online universities degrees are fully transferable. If you decide to transfer to a local college or must finish an advanced degree at a state institution, you don't want to end up taking classes over again because the online versions don't transfer. Talk with an admissions counselor at the school you are most likely to transfer to and don't depend only on the information given to you by the online college. Even if you have no future plans to transfer, verify this information because your plans or college goals may change in the future.

Step 3

Avoid overscheduling your self as you work toward your online universities degrees. It takes self discipline to work, raise a family and complete your school work on time when you are fully in charge of your own education. Avoid taking a full course load when you first begin. Instead, consider easing into your education by taking a few classes the first term so you can find your limitations and establish a rhythm that allows you comfortably complete your new responsibilities. Get your family and friends on board so they can offer moral support and won't tempt you to skip your studies.

Step 4

Don't be afraid to accept help. Earning online universities degrees is sometimes less expensive than traditional college, but there are still tuition fees, books and supplies to worry about. The school financial aid office and your admissions counselor can help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of student loans, grants and scholarships. Many institutions that offer online university degrees also provide payment plans to help you meet the financial aspects of your education goals. Your current employer may even offer a tuition reimbursement plan if your degree is in a related field.

By Jenny Ross, published at 02/20/2012
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