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Know About Universities Private

Published at 02/07/2012 23:44:10


Know About Universities Private

The universities that are not governed by the government are known as private universities. In fact now days, the top notch universities are the private ones. The standards and teaching styles are different in universities private. The environment is strict yet friendly. That is why the students do not feel suppressed or suffocated in universities private. These universities follow the semester system method instead of the annual one.


The trend of admitting the children in universities private developed more in the 80s and 90s. The main reason for it was, and still is, that the studies were in balance with the extra curricular activities. Therefore the parents were and still are more inclined towards these institutions.


The best thing about universities private is that the priority of the university is not politics as that of the government institutions. Their main focus is on the studies. That is why they have the best qualified teachers who are willing to give extra time to their students. Another best feature of these universities is that the students and teachers are like a close knit family. The students are allowed to communicate with the teachers even after the college hours. Another important thing is that in a class, full fledge discussions are carried out and cross questioning is done for the better understanding of the students. The teachers do not just give lectures, it is their responsibility to map out their instructions and course outlines in such a way that the students understand everything. In short, teachers of private universities inspire the students in all possible ways. The strength of students in the private universities is limited. The class rooms are not crowded with children like in government schools and colleges where the teacher doesn’t even know some of the students. Because of the finite class strength, teachers are able to give time to each of the student. Then merit scholarships are of great importance in private universities. If the student and the university, both are interested in one another, negations are done on the tuition fee. An amount is finalized by the mutual consent of the both parties and the student has to pay that amount. There are also some cons of the private universities. The biggest disadvantage is that a student is unable to do a part time job to cover up for the college expenses. The reason is that the studies and college routine takes most of the time and sometimes, even the institutions does not allow the student to take up part time jobs because according to them, this disrupts the over all result of the college. The fees of these institutions are mind boggling. Some of the good students just can’t go to these institutions because of the financial issues.

Tips and comments

Therefore, before applying in universities private, weigh your pros and cons. If money is not an issue for you or the family than naturally there is no barrier. Also if you think that you will be able to give your hundred percent, only then go for these universities because they are very strict when it comes to studies. Sometimes the timetables are not according to your comfort level, some classes are even scheduled for the nights. If you think that you will be able to cope with the circumstances and surpass every difficulty than you should most definitely apply in these universities. Otherwise chew on this subject for a while and then make a wise decision.


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