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5 Best South Africa Universities


South Africa has over 20 universities that offer an array of higher education programs. If you are looking to study in this country, it’s advisable to carry out a little bit of research to find the best south africa universities to attend. Here is a list of the top 5 that are the most highly rated south africa universities. They are all accredited south africa universities, affiliated with Higher Education South Africa and Association of African Universities, amongst others.

Top South Africa Universities

University of Cape Town – Located in Cape Town, this top leading of all south africa universities was initiated in 1829. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Arts & Humanities, Science & Technology, Language & Cultural Studies and, Medicine & Health, among others. University of Cape Town admits both local and international students, and it can hold more than 20,000 pupils. Faculty members are close to 5,000. This is one of the accredited south africa universities that guarantees you a great education system.

University of Stellenbosch – commonly referred to as Universiteit Stellenbosch. Second highly sought of all south africa universities, Universiteit Stellenbosch was founded in 1866. It is located in Stellenbosch with other campuses at Saldanha, Tygerberg and Bellville. This university offer undergraduate (bachelor degree) and postgraduate (master degree and doctorate degree) programs. For south africa universities to qualify at the top, the level of education provided has to be stellar. Universiteit Stellenbosch provides nothing but quality education to over 25,000 students. Tuition fees for local and international students falls somewhere between $2,500 - $5,000 for undergraduates and postgraduates as well.

Top South Africa Universities

University of Pretoria – Started in 1908 and another of the great south africa universities, University of Pretoria has a strong motto “pursuing towards destiny”. It is located in Pretoria and has over 45,000 students. It has a staff that comes close to 5,000 in number. University of Pretoria has undergraduate (bachelor degree) and postgraduate (master degree and doctorate degree) programs. You can study Engineering and Business & Social Sciences, among other courses at one of the top south africa universities.

University of Witwatersrand – Distinguished by the colors blue and yellow, University of Witwatersrand was established in 1922. It is one of two south africa universities located in Johannesburg. It has no religious affiliations, has over 25,000 local and international students, and a faculty member of over 5,000. University of Witwatersrand offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

University of KwaZulu-Natal – This is a fairly new university yet it has already made its mark as one of the top south africa universities. Founded in 2004, University of KwaZulu-Natal is located in Durban with other campuses at Pinetown, Westiville and Pietermaritzburg. It has close to 45,000 students and over 3,500 staff members.

Tips and comments

The mentioned south africa universities are ranked highly internationally as well. To get more, you can visit the university websites for more detailed information on registration and courses offered. The south africa universities sites are updated regularly so you are sure to find information that is current and viable. So there you have it; the top five universities in South Africa.

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