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List Of Nationally Accredited Online Universities In USA

Published at 12/28/2011 20:09:50


 Accreditation involves a group of administrators, who critically analyze each aspect of the institution and certify the said university of its curriculum, offered-degrees and sees if the faculty conforms to the set standards or not. In general terms, accreditation is an unbiased view and evaluation of a college or a university, to ensure that the set quality criterion is met in the world of academia. 



In the fast paced world of today, people are more inclined to learn as they earn; they do not have spare time to go to a conventional education institution and stay there till dusk. Therefore, many accredited universities offer an online degree, where people can acquire knowledge and share information without putting up an effort to travel back and forth; learning beyond a place constraint. In the United States of America, there are a vast number of online universities that offer courses of your choice; you can easily log in and find out the most suitable and easily accessible online university located near your area.


Almost all the frequently asked questions about universities and other academic institutions are related to the adherence of their degrees to the academic standards. If you Google, you would find a list of universities, claiming to offer one of the best online degrees, but in fact are diploma mills. These diploma mills are nothing more than illegal institutions offering fake degrees in exchange for money from viable students. We have prepared a list of nationally accredited online universities offering a wide range of courses in the almost every field, e.g. accounting, architecture , automotive technology, behavioral science, biology, information technology, medical studies and public administration etc. Moreover, the universities listed below are situated in different states; their information is widely available on their online websites. A student can therefore, select the area of study and program and can choose the university based on its degree offerings. The following are the nationally accredited online universities in the USA:

1.AIU Online

2.Argosy University Online

3.Ashford University Online

4.A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

5.Benedictine University Online

6.Boston University

7.Berkeley College Online

8.Capella University

9.Chamberlain College of Nursing

10.Colorado Technical University

11.Columbia Southern University

12.DeVry University Online

13.eCornell Online

14.Everest College

15.Everglades University

16.Grand Canyon University

17.Graceland University

18.Globe University

19.Indiana Wesleyan University - Indiana

20.JIU Online Undergraduate

21.JIU Online Graduate

22.National American University

23.Northeastern University

24.Norwich University Online

25.Nova Southeastern University

26.Portland State University

27.Post University Online

28.Quinnipiac University

29.Rasmussen College

30.Robert Morris University

31.Salem University Online

32.Schiller International University

33.South University Online

34.Southern New Hampshire University

35.Strayer University

36.St. Joseph’s College

37.The Art Institute - Online

38.University of Cincinnati

39.University of Florida

40.University of the Rockies

41.University of Maryland, Baltimore County

42.University of Phoenix Online

43.Utica College

44.Virginia College Online

45.Walden University

46.Western Governors University

47.Westwood College - Online

48.Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Tips and comments

Although, the agencies responsible for accreditation update their websites every now and then, there is a chance that the status of some universities is updated a bit late. Hence, in case the online university of your choice does not come under this list, call and inquire if it is one of the nationally accredited online universities or not.